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"I worked with Judith on both my apartment and dressing room on the set of SVU. The space clearing and feng shui adjustments she did greatly changed how I feel in my environments and had very positive effects on my life and career."
Mariska Hargitay, actor

"I've had the good fortune of working with Judith Wendell on the Mandarin Oriental a Miami hotel where we are re-designing the Spa and Wellness Floor. Judith has developed a Feng-Shui strategy which has informed our design direction. Her insight is a powerful tool which will increase revenue sales in the retail boutique area and will be easy to implement."
Robert Henry, architect

"Judith merges a deep understanding of Feng Shui with practical knowledge of human behavior and site design. She is upbeat, easy to work with, and a doer. The results regardless of fundamental beliefs, whether involving money outcomes or an attractive looking place, should be highly satisfying."
Lewis Altfest

"Judith Wendell is one of the best things I have ever done for my company and my life. I hired Judith to arrange the placement of furnishings so that my business would have a great feeling when clients walked in the door, and for employees and those of us who were serving these clients. Well we all LOVE it here and never want to leave. I have hired Judith on a personal occasion as well, as a gift for my daughter, that's how much I loved what she did for us here. She's the GOLD STANDARD for feng shui."
Mary McGuire-Wien
Owner American Yogini

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and learning more about Feng Shui. Our meeting reaffirmed my enthusiasm for the ideas we're proposing to a major hotel brand; AND piqued my own, personal curiosity about the philosophy."
Susan Peters, Senior VP
Weber Shandwick P R

"Judith is at the highest level of feng shui practice, both technically and aesthetically. If you want your home or business to support and enhance your success in life, call her now at (212) 410-1832."
Barry Gordon
BTB Feng Shui Master

"Working with Judith for my baby's room made me feel so good, knowing I was doing everything I could to make her space as awesome as possible. She had such an easy transition from sleeping in our room to hers, and is such a champion sleeper now!"
Alysia Reiner
Mother, Actor, Film Maker

"My apartment just 'felt' different after your visit. There was definitely a palpable surge of energy, the flow became very harmonious."
Monika Luczak

"I have to say that you've transformed my home space entirely for the best and I'm truly grateful. The space finally feels as if it belongs, is an extension of me and is generating a warmth inside my being or vise versa."
Gabriela Edwards

"Thank you again for the sacred clearing we did yesterday. The space feels significantly different. Now it seems that I can breathe, and when I get all the other things you suggested into place it will look terrific too!"
Ligia Elizondo

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Judith Wendell Are you seeking positive change for your business? Judith Wendell of Sacred Currents can help by designing your office and working spaces so that 'chi' flows freely to energize, support and bring to fruition your goals for increased recognition, beneficial relationships and greater cash flow.

Did you know that changing the position of your bed it can improve your sleep? Or that design details in home can actually be causing stress to your relationship or keep you from having one? Using a prescriptive system of integrative design, Sacred Currents will help you to improve the areas of your life that you would most like to change.

The first step in making a positive change in your personal or business life with feng shui is to call for a free assessment of your needs. Every consultation is personalized to your individual situation in order to achieve maximum results within budget. Your confidentiality is always respected. Judith can be reached at (212) 410-1832 or if you prefer click to send her an email.

NBC The New York Times 10/14/12: To Bricks and Mortar, Add Harmony and Luck "At the Baccarat, Ms. Wendell was hired to work with the architects and designers to ensure that chi, or cosmic energy, flows freely and brings good fortune to the residents, developers and investors alike. To ensure that the structure is being built in the most harmonious way possible from the ground up, she chose an auspicious date in late July to perform a ground-blessing ceremony." CLICK HERE

NBC CNN's Int'l Business correspondent Maggie Lake, asks feng shui expert Judith Wendell how Feng Shui is increasingly coming to play in NY real estate - CLICK HERE

NBC Judith Wendell appears on NBC's Today Show with real estate guru Barbara Corcoran. Looking to sell your home for the best price (in any market)? Judith demonstrates how the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui can help you get the results you want.

New York Times In the New York Times Dining Section, Alex Witchell said, "Candle 79 hired Ms. Wendell to go where no contractor had gone before..." Mr. Potenza owner of the new Candle 79 was enthusiastic, "...we think it's an element that has added to its overall success.."
Elle Sarah Bernard of ELLE Magazine writes "Business owners seeking a financial boost are among her most devoted clients. ...Wendell also gets lots of calls from love-seeking singles asking her to remove romantic blockages from their bedrooms."

Judith also appears in the New York Post, AM New York, Feng Shui for Modern Living, Spa Business, IN New York, Gotham, Fitness, Acupuncture Today, Glamour, Real Estate Weekly and other publications. Click for Press.

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