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Feng Shui translates as wind and water. It is a timeless art practiced for thousand years to improve lives and increase the positive energy around you.  One of the very basic principles of Feng Shui is the balance of yin and yang. Color is very important in feng shui and it represents the elements; Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal.  Feng Shui practice and positioning is good for health, well being, energy levels and low stress.

Did you know that changing the position of your bed
can improve your sleep? Or that design details in home can actually be causing stress to your relationship or keep you from having one? Using a prescriptive system of integrative design, Sacred Currents will help you to improve the areas of your life that you would most like to change.

Are you seeking positive change for your business?
Judith Wendell of Sacred Currents Integrative Feng Shui Design can help by designing your office and working spaces so that ‘chi’ flows freely to energize, support and bring to fruition your goals for increased recognition, beneficial relationships and greater cash flow.

The first step in making a positive change in your personal or business life with feng shui is to call for a free assessment of your needs. Every consultation is personalized to your individual situation in order to achieve maximum results within budget. Your confidentiality is always respected. Judith can be reached at (212) 410-1832 or if you prefer click to send her an email now.

Year of the Monkey 2016

Year of the Monkey

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