3 Ways to Upgrade Your 2018

3 Ways to Upgrade Your 2018
The Year of the Earth Dog is going to be much more refined then 2017 – a rather belligerent Fire Rooster year.  Stay tuned for my yearly update and how your Chinese animal will fare!
In the meantime, here are 3 ways to upgrade your fortunes for the year:   

1.  Send me your birth date, and find out if your lucky talisman is a Dog, Rabbit, Tiger or Horse this year.  It just so happens that I have the creature available for sale!


2.  If you have been a client in the past,

consider a yearly update.  Feng Shui is a living art and science.  Every year there are forces to avoid and many to take advantage of.  If you haven’t had a Feng Shui consultation before,  give me a call and we can discuss your needs, how I work and my fees.

Everyone would do well to physically clean their home and office before February 15th – New Year’s Eve.  However a space clearing/blessing ritual is the ticket for cleansing the previous year’s chi and any residual energies from previous tenants. owners, etc.  But mostly importantly this ritual anchors your new year’s intentions into your environment.


3.  If you are interested in learning about Feng Shui for yourself or professionally, I am teaching a 10-hour webinar over 5 weeks starting on April 5th and preceding for the next 4 Thursdays.  Design Arts Seminars will host the course and technology so that everyone, no matter your skill level, will be able to interact with the program.  This course is a vital foundation for Feng Shui.  Stay tuned for details.


And in case you have been waiting with baited breath, the Pantone Color Institute which helps makers of products select color for designs, announced that it chose Ultra Violet as the color of the year.
In ancient times, coveted purple dye was made from the mucus of sea snails in the Phoenician city of Tyre.  In 1856, a British chemist named William Henry Perkin made the color more accessible when he patented a process for synthetic purple, which he achieved as he was trying to concoct a treatment for malaria.
OK, so that is more information then you ever need to know about the 2018 color of year.  But take note, purple is associated with the area of wealth and fortunate blessings in Feng Shui.  So if nothing else, include more purple in 2018!
Stay tuned for more insight into the 
Year of the Earth Dog…and make 2018 spectacular for you!
with blessings, Judith


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