New York Magazine. Lavender-filled longevity silk sachets

longevityFeng shui with lavender

Lavender-filled “longevity” silk sachets with cinnabar medallions are $35 at Felissimo.

New York Magazine, 6/99 New York Magazine, 6/99: Best Bets

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Geisha Glam Accessories

Geish Glam accessoriesFeng Shui Accessories

The last thing on my warm-weather mind right now is wondering about a white Christmas.  But come on!  Try these Santa specials – now! New York designer Judith Wendell’s elegant feng shui accessories and gifts are flying off Manhattan shelves.  From handmade journals (gorgeous), to exquisite aroma wall diffusers (great) and scrumptious silken pillows, they come in all sizes and are designed for specific pa kua needs (grand).  Wendell’s all-natural wonders prove this GEO senior student knows her stuff.  Functional without funkiness.  Beautiful breakthroughs.  Harness the ‘holy’ holiday.

From: Feng Shui For Modern Living, June 1999

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The New York Times. That Smell So Sweet

New York Times. That Smell'st So Sweet

Smell the Feng Shui

That Smell’st So Sweet

Felissimo, at 10 West 56th Street, sell Whiffers (top $25), personal inhalers that look like short pens, in varieties like the Wall Street Whiffer, for clarity and alertness, and Heartmending Whiffer, for “emotional wholeness.”  For the smell that heals.

The New York Times, 1/24/99
by Ellen Tien

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