Larchmont’s Purple Elephants Ribbon Cutting, November 24, 2015

Ribbon Cutting

Attending the event were Larchmont Mayor Anne McAndrews and feng shui expert Judith Wendell, who also helped with the store’s design.
Owner Sven Sujica, who runs the store with his wife, Kris, says they received a very warm welcome.  They are grateful for the strong local support.  Small business neighbors showed their support for the gift shop by providing food and beverages for the grand opening.
Coriander Modern Indian provided Indian specialty food among other Asian snacks.  West Avenue Cafe provided coffee, Sweeets designed a bowl of purple and white candies.  Sugar Mama by Kim’s Bake Shop custom made cookies to match the Purple Elephants logo.

Purple Elephants will hold a special event Saturday for small business, which will include psychic Joan Carra from 1-3 p.m.  Compliments of the shop for customers who spend more than $20.  The Purple Elephants Gift Shop is located at 2A East Ave., Larchmont.LARCHMONT, N.Y. – The Purple Elephants Gift Shop, a specialty boutique offering unique gifts handmade by artisans worldwide, held a successful grand opening in October.

Judith helps design new stores and redesign old stores. Essential considerations is preparation include use of the five elements and clearing spaces so that form follows function in a meaningful way.

purple elephants ribbon cutting

Superstitions and traditions that surround home buying and selling

Bless this HomeJudith Wendell on Superstitions and Traditions / Real Estate Weekly

In a real estate market like New York City’s, buyers and sellers need all the luck, positive energy, and blessings they can get.

Enter Judith Wendell – a Feng Shui expert and owner of Sacred Currents, a company that specializes in feng shui, space clearings, and creating vital and thriving environments.

Wendell started out with mostly small business owners and apartment dwellers, but she soon became popular among developers and commercial buildings.

Real Estate Weekly October 30, 2015
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In 2012, when the Baccarat Hotel & Residences was just beginning to be built on West 53rd Street, the developers, Starwood Capital, had her bless the site, which had formerly been a beloved public library and then became a subject of controversy, developers wanted to bring good chi and energy to the space.

“In many cultures, there is always a ritual for honoring the land that is being disrupted, or what has gone on there in the past,” Wendell told Broker’s Weekly. “It’s recognizing that we’re not just bulldozing – there’s a connection to the Earth.”

Recently, a developer in Long Island City sought Wendell’s services for a site his company was working on, fearing that there might have been an old cemetery in the area, possibly an original Dutch burial ground. Wendell performed a “clearing” ceremony on the site, which involves “dousing,” a way of seeking out energy.

“When there is an energy, I focus on that particular area, be it a home or a site, and try to drill down a bit what the disturbance is about, and even if I don’t know that, I’ll do more clearing there,” she said.

In addition to Starwood, Wendell has worked with the Howard Hughes Corporation on sites in Hawaii and in the South Seaport.

Feng Shui is the 5,000-year-old practice of balancing energy flow in a particular space – and for apartments and homes, that means placing objects in an arrangement that best promotes good energy flow through the space.

Your 2015 Astrological Forecast for the Year of the Ram

rams statue

Year of the Ram


Thursday is the first day of the Lunar New Year—or Chinese New Year. And just like January 1 is a great time to take a deep breath and start anew, so is February 19.  Year of the Ram?

So what’s in store this year? Judith Wendell, an expert in Feng shui and Chinese astrology, says you can expect philanthropic vibes and loads of creativity during the Year of the Ram (which is also known as the Year of the Sheep or Goat). But in order to really reap the benefits, you should reflect on 2014 first.

“Whether it’s house cleaning, paying off debts, or clearing up misunderstandings, you want to try to get things done before the new year,” says Wendell. (Though if you can’t quite get to your vacuuming for another few days, that’s okay.)

The Chinese Zodiac gives every birth year an animal sign, which determines their astrological outlook. You’re a Ram if you were born in 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, or 2003. And you might be also be incredibly chic or cool—Catherine Deneuve and Mick Jagger are rams.

But no matter what sign you are, there are certain things everyone needs to know about how the Year of the Ram will affect you. Here’s what Wendell forecasts:

1. First things first. Is it the Year of the Ram? Sheep?! Goat? It’s all three. Several Asian cultures celebrate the Lunar New Year, and they each refer to 2015 differently, explains Wendell. No one animal is right or wrong, the same things can be expected of all of them. “The goat, ram, and sheep are treated as similar animals,” she explains.

2. The creative juices will flow. If you’ve been dreaming about writing a novel, taking an art class, or if you work in a creative industry, 2015 is going to be stellar. “The ram is known as a very creative and intelligent sign,” Wendell says. “Creative types could thrive in the environment this year, as well as those pursuing creative endeavors.”

3. You may be feeling charitable. “[The ram] is considered to be the good Samaritan of the zodiac. Potentially, there will be more attention to the environment, and people will be more inclined to give back,” Wendell says. “Rams are good-natured and sensitive to beauty and balance.” So if you’ve had that charity organization on your to-do list for months, you may finally get yourself in gear to put in the hours.

4. Give a talisman for good luck. As a new year gesture, it’s good luck to gift a talisman of thebest friend affiliated with the lunar year animal, Wendell says.  The Ram’s best friend is thehorse. “When the ram sees its best friend, it’s elated and looks well upon the person carrying the horse,” she says. Think of it as impressing the ram by having friends in common. (But if you’re gifting to a friend who was born in the Year of the Rat or the Ox, a horse won’t do the trick. “They need a rabbit and a pig because a rabbit, pig, and ram create a harmony,” Wendell says.) —Molly Gallagher

For more information or to book a astrology session with Judith Wendell, visit

Optimal Flow. The Feng Shui Compass

The compass, lo pan

We may no longer find it hard to pronounce, but its still easy to underestimate the power and complexity of feng shi.

By Adrea Renskoff

The Feng Shui Compass

Feng shui has made its way into everyday speech. We sometimes hear it used casually as a verb, e. g., “We really need feng shui our kitchen.” Or as an adjective, as in “This relaxation room has a feng shui vibe.” Such vague remarks end to reduce this ancient Chinese art/science to the shuffling of a few stick of furniture – and to it’s great disservice. Applied properly, the philosophy and practices of feng shui can nurture health, happiness and success.

Feng shui consultants draw on wisdom handed down for generations. An environment is oriented using two tools: the compass and the bagua.

The compass, or lo pan (“lo” meaning “everything” and “pan” meaning “bowl”) uses direction, such as which way a building faces, to empower energy patterns. This idea can be used figuratively as well: “We may also look at someone’s ming gua, a personal direction base on their birthday,” says Wendell.

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New York Times. To Bricks and Mortar Add Harmony and Luck

New York Times 2015-10-14

Harmony & Luck


“At the Baccarat, Ms. Wendell was hired to work with the architects and designers to ensure that chi, or cosmic energy, flows freely and brings good fortune to the residents, developers and investors alike. To ensure that the structure is being built in the most harmonious way possible from the ground up, she chose an auspicious date in late July to perform a ground-blessing ceremony.”


Blessings and so-called smudging or space clearing rituals, which include meditation, chanting and the burning of herbs to purify the space and help promote good psychic and spiritual energy, are a major focus of her work. But she also draws on the design courses she has taken and looks for ways to introduce the five elements of feng shui — water, wood, fire, earth and metal — into a room or building, to create a harmonious environment in subtle but effective ways.


“The real art of this,” Ms. Wendell said, “is how to meet with the best designers of the world and have their concepts also translate the principles of feng shui so the atmosphere is not just absolutely exquisite, but really emulates the idea of prosperity and success and health.”

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New York Times. October 14, 2012. To Bricks and Mortar Add Harmony and Luck

Is your apartment suffering from predecessor chi?

Article from: Full Access NYC

By Denise Oliveira July 18, 2014

PREDECESSOR CHI: These tips come from Sacred Currents founder Judith Wendell. Wendell is a Feng Shui consultant who has also studied neurosensory development. She has been hired by individuals – including Law & Order SVU’s Mariska Hargitay – and businesses – such as the Baccarat Hotels and Residences in midtown – to ensure that chi is flowing to their advantage in their offices and homes.


Moved out - predecessor chi

Because salt is a substance that absorbs negative energy, a good cleansing practice is to put salt in small bowls in various corners of your space and leave them there for 21 days, Wendell advises. “This helps absorb some of the residual energy, or predecessor chi, from previous tenants,” she says. “It helps get rid of the energy you’d rather not live with.” Be sure to discard the salt after 21 days.

Another cleansing ritual is to burn sage in your new space. “I use some resins from a cathedral in England, but sage will do,” Wendell said. [Editor’s note: make sure you know what you’re doing before you start burning things in your apartment. There are plenty of resources online to guide you.

To lift the chi – or energy – in your new space, cut up small pieces of orange peel and sprinkle them all around the periphery, Wendell instructs. An alternative with similar results is to purchase natural orange essence and spray it throughout the space.

A good way to cleanse and refresh your new space is to engage in a flower ritual. Wendell recommends getting three bouquets and placing one in each ‘critical area’ of your apartment, which includes the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Move the vases around every day for three days, so that at the end, each bouquet has spent a day in each room. “It’s a way to bring life force and color into your space,” Wendell said. “This will refresh your environment.”

Even if you skip all of the above, Wendell encourages everyone to do this, at the very least, when you move in: Open all the windows, and let as much fresh air in as possible.

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Spa Wellness: Feng Shui Spaces


Work Flow: Feng Shui Spaces. Day Spa Magazine

Promote a balanced environment by implementing some feng shui design strategies.

SPA WELLNESS: The ancient Chinese design tool of feng shui lends itself to healing spaces, and no one understands this better than Judith Wendell, feng shui expert and founder of Sacred Currents, a design consultancy based in New York City that’s dedicated to “creating vital and thriving environments.”

“The time-honored system of feng shui has been used for thousands of years to help us live in harmony with nature, and to increase the fortunes of businesses and the health and harmony of individuals and corporations,” says Wendell. “At the very least, I see feng shui as an ‘insurance plan’: you may not need it but you wouldn’t want to be without it.”

Feng (“wind”) shui (“water”) is applied to environments to facilitate the harmonious flow of energy or chi, thereby promoting health, happiness and prosperity. Assuming that creatures and things exist together as part of a natural order, feng shui maximizes that relationship via the strategic placement of objects and spaces. Experts in feng shui use a bagua, or chart of symbols representing principles of reality, to analyze a space and make recommendations that will maximize flow and allow for an optimal outcome.

The good news is, even if your spa was designed without a single feng shui principle in mind, there are changes you can make to increase its “feng shui quotient.” “The best part is that feng shui can be incorporated into any level of style, taste, budget or environment,” Wendell says. “For instance, one principle to follow is that a spa should give the arriving client reason to pause and take a breath—the space should feel like a break from the outside. This is accomplished by having an open and uncluttered environment. I call this a balance of yin and yang—yin, meaning the place feels restful, and yang, meaning it is alive and healthy.”

As a feng shui consultant, Wendell works with businesses at every stage of development, “from sourcing a site and initial architectural plans to tweaking an up-and-running spa that needs a boost,” she says. Among her projects was the spa at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York City, where she worked to “energetically and visually connect our retail areas to the spa, which helped greatly to increase sales,” shares former Mandarin spa director Denise Vitiello.

Feng shui isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. “A highly effective adjustment in one spa may have little or even a negative effect in another,” explains Wendell. “How this translates into a particular spa and its style is the creative challenge of the feng shui consultant. Done professionally, feng shui adjustments should be seamless and not draw any particular attention to themselves.”

To locate your own feng shui expert, Wendell suggests visiting Make sure your potential consultant is experienced in working with spas, and always ask for references.

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Your 2015 Zodiac Forecast for the Year of the Wood Horse

woman and horseGOOD ADVICE by SARAH SARWAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2014

January 31, 2015 marks the Chinese New Year, and so begins the Year of the Wood Horse.

2015: Year of the Wood Horse. Every year, according to the Chinese Zodiac, one of 12 animals and 5 elements are paired up, setting the outlook for the coming months. Your birth year dictates your animal, with the Horse belonging to those born in 1961, 1978, 1990, 2002, for example, and 2014, of course.

The horse is known for it’s energetic and social personality, love of success, and iffy relationship with Taisui, the god of fortune. In combo with Wood, the energy-providing element, this year is slated to be one full of many fun social gatherings, as well as ever-changing finances. What does that mean for you?

Each Zodiac sign has an array of mainstay qualities that are influenced by the animal of the year. Rams, for example, should bump up their fitness regimen, while the Ox should double-check their finances.

Judith Wendell, Sacred Currents founder and Feng shui guru, has rounded up a Zodiac forecast with a full rundown on what’s in store for your year, from new sources of positive energy and reasons to spend more time with friends. She also advises on many “protection rituals” and good deeds to balance out your fate if your year shows anything inauspicious. —Sarah Sarway

Feng Shui Advisor Judith Wendell of Sacred Currents

Judith Wendell on sail boatSince 1996, Judith Wendell, New York Feng Shui consultant and interior designer, has been explaining to her clients how their environments affect their life situations and then helping to improve them. Wendell’s expertise has recently been lauded on the NBC TODAY Show with New York real estate guru Barbara Corcoran, when she offered advice on selling a home in a down market.

Wendell spoke at the International Turning Point Spa Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand on “Feng Shui and Spa Profitability in the 21st Century” as well as at the Global Spa Summit In New York on “Creating, Maintaining and Designing a Soulful Spa”. She soon after had a feature in Spa Business Magazine.

In the NY Times Dining Section August 6, 2003, Alex Witchell said, “Candle 79 hired Ms. Wendell to go where no contractor had gone before and fix what seemed to be ailing the two-story town house…” Mr. Potenza owner of the new Candle 79 was enthusiastic, “We used feng shui in the Third Avenue location and after being in business there for nine years and going strong, we think it’s an element that has added to its overall success.”

According to Wendell, every building is like a sponge. If the tenants who occupied an office, home or retail space were happy and successful, the next owner will inherit their good ‘chi’ or life energy. Conversely, even a distant history of negativity or disturbances in the land can affect current usage. But steps can always be taken to improve the situation.

Ms. Wendell is called upon to help corporations, retailers, spas, restaurants and homeowners with everything from health and financial issues to improving business and personal relationships. With her gentle approach and an accent on the positive, Wendell says: “The clearing of an environment or building site, preserves the good and cleanses the less auspicious. The timeless rituals I perform have been practiced in all cultures to honor the land and consecrate dwellings.”

Ms. Wendell holds a three-year accredited degree from the BTB Feng Shui Professional Program. Her knowledge of both classical Flying Star and Form School feng shui inform all her consultations.  She brings a successful career in fashion as well as training in interior design and a life long interest in architecture to her work – recognizing that beauty and order are integral to well being and success.

Judith Wendell has also appeared in The New York Times, New York Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Spa Business, Fuji Japanese TV, New York Post, Time Out, NY1 News, Conte Nast Traveler Magazine, Glamour, PBS, Real Estate Weekly and others.

Explore Judith’s Feng Shui Consultation offer!

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3 Ways to Celebrate the Year of the Snake

candle festivalGOOD ADVICE by ALEXIA BRUE FEBRUARY 5, 2013

This Sunday, February 10, 2013, marks Chinese New Year and with that, we enter into the Year of the Snake. Don’t worry, it’s a “small dragon” of a year, making it less intense than 2012, explains Judith Wendell,  a feng shui expert and founder of Sacred Currents, an integrative design firm.

“This year will be marked by conflict, flexibility, and has the potential for co-operation and countries and people working together,” she says.

Wendell takes Chinese astrology into account when designing and clearing spaces for her clients, which range from restaurants like Candle 79 and high-end spa hotels to celebrity (and civilian) homes. So we asked her what we can do at our homes and in our lives to insure good fortune this year and stay on the snake’s good side.

Here are three ways to welcome the Year of the Snake:

1. Celebrate While fireworks have their time to shine in July, it’s not too soon to light them. “Firecrackers are traditionally used to scare off evil spirits and they also symbolize renewed hope for the future,” explains Wendell.

2. Eat What’s a celebration without food? But pass on the cupcakes, and reach for a kumquat. They’re believed to bring good luck. So eat and gift kumquats to start the New Year off right. (And hey, they’re loaded with vitamin C!)

3. Clear “It is a good idea for all of us to ‘clear house’ both physically and metaphorically,” says Wendell. This means pay down that credit card bill, resolve any rifts with a loved one, and tie up any other loose ends before the New Year begins. —Amy Eley

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