Feng Shui Way. Day Spa Magazine March 2011

Day Spa Magazine March 2011FENG SHUI WAY

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics that uses principles of geography and astronomy to facilitate the optimal flow of chi – or life-giving energy – inside a space, has become an essential design tool for many day spa business owners.  The system revolves around the five element theory, in which representation of water, wood, fire, earth and metal are maintained in synergistic balance to stimulate the healthiest and more prosperous flow of energy, according to Judith Wendell, feng shui consultant and owner of Sacred Currents, an interior design firm based in new York City.  She uses many aspects to utilize the feng shui way.

For instance,design features associated with fire – say, the color red, pointy shapes and southern-facing views – are though to harness reputation and regard.  “If you have too many of these elements, your spa may be prone to receiving complaints,” Wendell says.  And if you don’t have enough, you could struggle to stand out among competition.”

Feng shui also examines the ratio of yin to yang, or passive to active energy, within a space.  “Some of the most prevalent sources of imbalance I find in day spas are retail and reception areas that tend to be too passive,while treatment rooms are more active than is ideal,” Wendell says.  “By removing running water, for instance, a space instantly becomes more passive.”


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How to Feng Shui Your Love Life

Are you considering oysters for two or rose petals on the bed for Valentine’s Day? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the principles of feng shui, these tactic won’t improve your chances of getting, um, lucky.

Two NYC wellness experts are joining forces to explain why. Feng shui authority Judith Wendell and acupuncturist Jill Blakeway, the cofounder of the Yinova Center, are teaming up to host a free, special event:

How to Create Romance and Have Hotter Sex

on Monday, February 7, 2011

Blakeway, the author of Making Babies, is writing a second book about sex drive, an idea inspired by her patients. “Time and time again I hear that people are dissatisfied with their sex life,” she says. “They think they need more passion and, in an attempt to kindle a spark, they turn to porn or romantic gimmicks, often with disappointing results.”

So, what’s the key to sexual fulfillment? In Chinese Medicine, it comes from a deep physical, emotional and spiritual connection, says Blakeway. Not from chocolate body paint. And the ancient Taoist texts contain plenty of tips about deepening the bond with your partner, which Blakeway will be sharing at the event.Wendell, who’s the founder of Sacred Currents and a leader of integrative interior design, is concerned about the layout of your bedroom as a means to fostering what goes on in it. She’s not talking about crystals and fountains. Rather, Wendell wants you to be aware of the bagua(the feng shui blueprint) of your home and bedroom, and consider how this can affect your relationships and sex life.

bagua-2“Many New Yorkers have no idea what the elements of fire and water have to do with opening your heart, how an open communication corner can make you a more sensual partner, or where in your bedroom the kissing sector is located,” Wendell says. “Feng shui’s not a magic bullet, but it has created lovers, marriages, and babies in New York!”

Even the most unlucky in love might find their chances improving. It’s the Year of the Rabbit, and rabbits are one of the most sexual signs in the Chinese zodiac, says Wendell. “This should be a much better year for us all!” —Melisse Gelula

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NY Times. The Appraisal Before Move-In Day, Evicting the Old Auras. January 4, 2011

The New York Times January 4, 2011Judith Wendell  Feng Shui New York Times

Auras and Energy: “Judith Wendell, left, a feng shui expert, was hired by Ziporah Reich to improve the energy in her apartment. Since worries about the future or negative vibes from the past are two things New Yorkers cannot complain to management about, a very tiny industry has evolved to fill these needs.”

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NY Times. The Appraisal Before Move-In Day, Evicting the Old Auras.
Published: January 3, 2011


04appraisal-span-articleLarge[1]Ziporah Reich sat cross-legged on her living room floor. As Judith Wendell chanted and burned incense that seeped into every crevice of the apartment, Ms. Reich meditated over an altar that included bowls of water with candles and wildflowers and a stack of brightly colored papers on which she wrote her wishes: finding her soul mate, starting a family and having more success in her career.

Ms. Wendell says her fees are driven less by apartment size than by “what’s in the space energetically.”

“I want to bring a positive energy that’s not tied to anything specific and also get rid of the energy of the previous owner,” Ms. Reich said.

Ms. Reich is a well-traveled 38-year-old lawyer. Ms. Wendell is a well-traveled 59-year-old feng shui expert, whose talents include the process of smudging.

The New York real estate industry has been a job machine for thousands of brokers, lawyers, managers, architects, engineers and tradesmen. But since worries about the future or negative vibes from the past are two things New Yorkers cannot complain to management about, a very tiny industry of smudgers — or “space clearers,” the term Ms. Wendell prefers — has evolved to fill these needs.

“Now I don’t feel anything negative…” Ms. Zweben said.


A Matter of Feng Shui. Empire State Building


Feng Shui and the Empire State Building

Vornado Realty Trust’s pro­posed 15 Penn tower could cre­ate neg­a­tive “chi” — en­ergy — in the neigh­bor­hood and kill a ma­jor deal at the Empire State Building.

It will also cer­tainly af­fect world­wide visi­ta­tion to the Em­pire’s 86th-floor ob­ser­va­tory, which would look di­rectly into the face of Vor­nado’s “Gi­ant Fin­ger.”

While not a di­rect com­peti­tor for the kind of high ­stakes, high-rent ten­ants that a mod­ern, technology-driven tower might en­joy, the Em­pire’s bat­tle for sky­line supremacy may be driven by just one go­rilla-sized ten­ant.

Em­pire State Build­ing owner Malkin Prop­er­ties has been se­cretly ne­go­ti­at­ing a nearly 500,000-square-foot likely con­sol­i­da­tion lease with Hong Kong-based global man­u­fac­tur­ing sourc­ing and sup­ply com­pany Li & Fung, which is its ten­ant here and at two other prop­er­ties.

But Li & Fung CEO Wil­liam Fung, a feng shui be­liever, will likely be put off by Vor­nado’s Gi­ant Fin­ger, which would rise just a block away and in the di­rect western face of the Em­pire.

“It is di­min­ish­ing the ‘chi’ away from the Em­pire State Build­ing,” said Ju­dith Wen­dell of Sa­cred Cur­rents, a lo­cal feng shui prac­ti­tioner who said the Em­pire’s vis­i­bil­ity is crit­i­cal to its strength.

“Sym­bols are im­por­tant,” Wen­dell said. “The build­ing is get­ting swal­lowed up and its po­tency is di­min­ished.”


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Does your apartment need therapy?

Feng Shui Therapy for Space

Judith Wendell is an integrative interior designer and feng shui expert, who gives cluttered Manhattan apartments, co-ops that won’t sell, and generally funky-feeling spaces the equivalent of a juice cleanse and therapy.

apartment therapyStarting this week, the Space Whisperer, who’s helped improve the flow of energy at spas like the Mandarin Oriental and the Candle Cafe is offering a three-part class at the Open Center on how to do it yourself.

“In this class, we will learn how to perform specific techniques, rituals, blessings and chants from a variety of traditions to cleanse, consecrate and empower our environments so that they can better support us in fulfilling our intentions. The material covered will include: clearing a space with smoke, dowsing and sound; the importance of intention; and the use and construction of altars and flower offerings.”

The takeaway: You could be the energy work version of “Holmes on Homes.”


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Does Your Apartment Need a Major Cleanse?

Cleanse with Feng Shui

apartmentDoes your apartment need a Master Cleanse?

Some go to the Container Store to de-clutter. Other s book a professional space clearing, a slate-wiping session that deals with the energy of your a partment, a factor which may hold more sway over your life than you realize, explains Judith Wendell, founder of Sacred Currents, who’s been doing integrative interior design for 13 years.

While the concept might sound completely out there,  the anecdotal evidence for space clearing is tantalizing: Wendell’s credited with turning failed  spaces into fortunate ones: Candle Cafe is approaching its 6th anniversary despite the unlucky  run of restaurants located there before it. And her work has lead buyers to apartments lingering on  the market, reoriented offices for productivity and profit, and helped city spas secure that sanctuary vibe. Just call her the Space Whisperer.

Wendell is a top NYC practitioner of integrative interior design It’s not as simple as waving a magic wand: Wendell  assesses spaces with a dowsing rod and a bagua (a feng shui map), and performs the clearing ceremonies with a number of rarefied tools, using a resin derived from an English cathedral and  bells made for temples in Bali. Wendell, who holds several design degrees, is simply trying to adapt feng shui to modern times. “The same way you wouldn’t eat from new dishes unless you washed them, you want to do the same for your space and avoid inheriting something that isn’t you rs,” she says.

You may be expected to make offerings with bowls of  water, flowers, and candles, and provide an emotional intention. “I always have clients work with me,” Wendell says. “And it’s partly because of their involvement that I’ve never had a complaint of a space clearing not working.”


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Spa Business: Judith Wendell

spa business 2008 4

Judith Wendell on spa feng shui

I have a spiritual approach to life, but I don’t like to think of myself as New Age.  When I lived in San Francisco, there was a very liberal culture, with influences from China and Japan, and I went to a en monastery on Sunday to meditate and listen to talks.  In NYC, I joined the School of Practical Philosophy, which has the distinct Hindu orientation.  I also went to Bali with a Buddhist priest, visiting temples and learning more about myself and the faith.  If I lost everything tomorrow, I hope these spiritual practices would guide met in a new direction.

Feng shui was first practiced by Chinese shamans 5,000 years ago in the belief that a harmonious flow of energy or ‘chi’ through an environment promotes health, happiness and prosperity.  I’m a skeptical person, but when you experience results, skepticism falls away.  My clients have gotten married when they wanted or gained more business.  I can’t take credit for it all, but perhaps I helped to set thins up.

I’v consulted on the Mandaran Oriental i New York, which has a beautiful pre- and post-treatment area overlooking the Hudson River.  however, it’s at the end of a hallway so the energy moves too quickly through it,thus is not relaxing.  Once suggestion I’ve made is to hang a large crystal to circulate the energy and relate a more intimate atmosphere.  I’ve also made some back-office adjustments,which have made a big difference to employees, and I’m working on enhancing aspects of its retail area.

The Dhara Dhevi Mandarin Oriental in Chiang Mai is a magnificent property: you are spa-ing the moment you enter.  I love all massages, but for me it’s about the energy the therapist pus in to it.  It’s obvious if they’re really dedicated to it.

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Cleansing the Vibrations with Feng Shui

May The Force Be With You

While feng shui design is commonly used in residential settings, those that have used it for work spaces say there are benefits for businesses and developments. Professional vibrations require cleansing.

New York Post: Cleansing the Vibrations with Feng Shui

“When people like Donald Trump mention that they are doing frng shui it tickles the fancy,” said Richard Bregman who heads the private MJB Asset Management.

“She helped me rearrange the furniture in a way that just produced a palpable feeling of different energy flow,” said Bregman.

“We opened five years ago and are still in business and it’s better than ever.  When people are eating we want it to be the healthiest environment and feng shui was a way to make it healthier”

Said Wendell: “Often I hear that after a clearing there is a palpable lighter or brighter feeling in the office.  And feng shui can also be done at any point.  Often small changes pack a big punch.”

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Feng Shui Pro Grades New Stadiums

mets-field-bad-fieldBaseball Stadiums and Feng Shui

If you believe in feng shui, the Mets are in trouble.

A study of the two new baseball stadiums by feng shui expert Judith Wendel found the Yankee’s future home has good luck while the Mets’ Citi Field will be plagued by “a lot of disturbed energy.”  Wendell visited open in 2009, exclusively for The Post.

There is one bright spot for Met followers.  Citi Field’s color scheme of dark blue exposed steel with green seats and red brick are what Wendell calls a “power combination.”  They are certainly “much better” than the team colors of blue and orange, which she deems “antagonistic.”

The Yanks broke ground on Babe Ruth’s birthday, Aug. 16, and are repeating many elements of the old stadium, including the angles for home plate and the positions of the dugouts.  Cathedral arches and the entire facade will also recapture the old Yankee Stadium incarnations.

“In fend shui terms, they are taking the ‘predecessor chi’ and bringing it with them and graphing it on to the new stadium, which is very good for luck,” said Wendell, whose company Sacred Currents, consults with building and homeowners.

Additionally, her “dowsing rod,” which helps her pick up energy vibrations, did not find any major underground disturbances around the new stadium.

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The Positive Influences of Feng Shui


“The belief that properly flowing energy promotes, health, happiness and prosperity has been borne out over thousands of years…”

Positive Influences

Did you know that changing the way your door opens could increase your cash flow? Or that you could enhance your company’s reputation by how you display your logo? and what if changing the position of your bed improved your love life? Well, it can!

Feng Shui, translated as wind and water, is a timeless art. It has long been used in China to ensure the harmonious flow of energy of ‘chi’ through an environment. The belief that properly flowing energy promotes health, happiness and prosperity has been borne out over thousands of years and is in every culture.

When working with clients, Judith also incorporates her knowledge of Space Clearing, Bau-biologic, Nine Star Ki, The I Ching and Flying Star Feng Shui which she has studied with some of the world’s most renowned teachers.  She has completed courses of study in Neurosensory Development with The Downing Institute of San Fransisco and advanced courses at the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement in Domaine des Courmettes, France.  For the past 15 years Judith has attended the School of Practical Philosophy in New York where meditation and study of the great spiritual traditions are emphasized.  The ideal first step for any Feng Shui consultation is a Space Clearing.

Clearing of an environment or site preserves the good and cleanses the less auspicious. This ancient ritual has been practiced in every culture to honor the land and spirits, as well as to make a place sacred. Space Clearing session can be conducted independently or in conjunction with a Feng Shui Consultant.

Food & Mood Magazine
New York
Fall / Winter 2007
Article on Judith Wendell

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