Designing Healing Spaces with Feng Shui

Designing for Healing Spaces

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designing-for-healing-spacesAre you an acupuncturist, spa owner, healer or an M.D. who would like to enhance your practice by creating an environment that is healing, relaxing and rejuvenating? Would you like to learn about Feng Shui techniques that will help your business become more financially lucrative?

Judith Wendell is the founder of SACRED CURRENTS; a company dedicated to creating vital and thriving environments. Judith offers her expertise to corporate and private clients alike.  She is equally at home advising on large business premises or small studio apartments – working comfortably from architectural drawings or on-site.  

When working with a client she incorporates her knowledge of Flying Star Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Bau-biologie, Nine Star Ki, I-Ching and Chinese Astrology, which she has studied with some of the world’s most renowned teachers.  Judith focuses on clearing and blessing rituals, which are so important for the effectiveness of any Feng Shui adjustments.

Judith Contributes to Real Housewives of New York City

Real Housewives of New York City
Real Housewives of New York on YouTubeJudith Wendell contributed to the ever popular television series, Real Housewives of New York City so that bring a unique element to their show. Judith provided feng shui consultation  in order to mix ancient teachings with modern entertainment.

Sonja Morgan of Real Housewives of New York City commented on the Bravo TV website:

Judith Wendell ( was so nice to come over and help me clear the energy fields in my home.

CNN Business Correspondent Maggie Lake, NY Real Estate

CNNCNN‘s Int’l Business correspondent Maggie Lake, asks feng shui expert Judith Wendell how Feng Shui is increasingly coming to play in NY real estate.

CNN Interview with Judith Wendell

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Feng Shui for Stress Relief with Dr. Manny on Fox News

Dr. Manny: Feng Shui for Stress Relief

Ask Dr. Manny: Fox News

From Dr. Manny – Feng Shui is the almost four thousand year old practice designed to improve lives and increase the positive energy around you.  For those of you like me who aren’t too familiar with it, it’s all about where things are placed in your home and how the colors you use to decorate with effect your stress levels.  To see this ancient practice in action we visited the Madaran Orient Hotel in New York City wtih Feng Shui Guru Judith Wendell.

One of the very basic principle of Feng Shui is the balance of yin and yang.  A living environment should always be somewhat more yang, so much more alive.  That’s a healthy environment.  But there are places where it should be more yin, especially sleeping.  A quite environment.

Another important function of Feng Shui is the command position.  That being that someone can see exactly what’s coming toward them and yet not be in line with it so that they’re empowered in their live.  That’s the metaphor.

Judith Wendell with Dr. Manny on Fox News

Judith Wendell on Radio 2 Women Radio

Feng Shui on the Radio

Sick and tired when you wake up in the morning? Feeling blue? Are you out of balance? Join Serene Mastrianni and Joanna Roche on Women 2 Women radio as they introduce listeners to Feng Shui and Sacred Currents. What you can learn by listening, is how simple Feng Shui can be. Imagine this, that just by changing the position of your headboard you could wake up refreshed and well rested. Think about it, how Feng Shui savvy are you?

Women 2 Women radio program, December 16, 2010

Feng Shui & Money. Helen Kim with Judith Wendell.

Helen Kim. Feng Shui & Money

The feng shui influence on money

Money Relationship Mentor and Certified Financial Counselor, interviewed Judith Wendell on “Feng Shui & Money”, February 12, 2009.  Understanding the feng shui so that we can understand it’s effect on money.

Helen Kim

On this teleclass, Judith gives away some MONEY SECRETS that she has spoken about publicly before.

Judith Wendell on NBC Today Show with real estate guru Barbara Corcoran

Looking to sell your home for the best price (in any market)? Judith demonstrates how the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui can help you get the results you want.


Barbara Corcoran

Real estate guru, Barbara Corcoran highlights some of the things people are using today to sell their homes.  On the NBC Today Show you’ll see Judith Wendell and others practicing their expertise to help sellers generate interest in their properties and attract the best offers.

Today’s Real Estate, thinking out of the box. With the market down creativity among home sellers is up and some people are thinking of unconventional, even extreme methods to attract buyers.  We haven’t sellers in this type of situation since the the early ’90s.  In the wild world of real estate, desperate times call for desperate measures.  In this market sellers have to be more creative than they ever have.

Some employ the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui.  “Not too long ago I went into an apartment that had been on the market for a year and not selling.  We did a Space Clearing, we did some Feng Shui, It sold within the next week.”  Said Judith Wendell.  “The realtor was amazed!”

NBC TODAY SHOW ~ Dec 5th, 2008


 NBC logo

Feng Shui Your Office For Prosperity, teleclass. November 19, 2008


Feng Shui and Prosperity

Join Judith to explore ways to bring the Feng Shui office advantage for prosperity into any work space. Andrea Conway, the call’s host, says, “I became a believer in the power of Feng Shui after my teleclass guest, Judith Wendell, consulted with me on my home office in Denver this summer. My monthly income immediately shot up more than 20%.”

8 Point Feng Shui Home Office Checklist for Success:

  1. Never have your back to the door unless you have a reflective surface in front of you so that you can see the door.
  2. Have a full view of the door without being in direct line with it and never sit behind the swing of your door.
  3. If your door faces a window something as simple as a crystal in the window can help the ‘chi’ or life force from flying out too quickly (with your business in hand!)
  4. The further back you sit in a room the stronger your position.
  5. Never work on a glass top table or desk – you may lose work or it may not be strong.
  6. It is most favorable if your desk has front & side panels to protect you and your work.
  7. Ideally your work should flow from left to right on your desk…from ‘new beginnings’ to ‘completion’.
  8. It is important to have a solid wall behind you. If that’s not possible then have the highest back chair you can.


Remember that when working with Feng Shui in your office, consider your office door to be in one of the bottom positions of the bagua diagram, depending on whether the door is at the middle, left side, or right side of the room. (It does not matter what geographical direction your offices faces.)

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WCBS. New Mets & Yankee Baseball Stadiums

wcbs interviews about baseball stadiumsRadio Interviews Judith Wendell on Baseball Stadiums

Three short interviews with Judith Wendell on her feng shui analysis of the New Mets & Yankee baseball stadiums.  Judith comments on the color schemes of the stadiums vs. the new so that we can understand how they may effect the team’s performance.

WCBS-AM Clips October 28, 2007.

Peter Roth on Energy Stew Interviews Judith Wendell

Peter Roth in studio

Radio Interview on Energy Stew, PRN broadcasts of Energy Stew with Peter Roth.

Peter Roth of ‘Energy Soup’ interviews Judith Wendell and her colleague Rosalie Prinzivalli on the ‘Practical Applications of Feng Shui.’ Form the Progressive Radio Network.

Click below to hear the Energy Stew interviews:

Interview No. 1
Problem solving with Feng Shui
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 10:30 AM

MP3 File

Feng Shui problem solving and the unique solutions suggested by masters Rosalie Prinzivalli and Judith Wendell. Visit Judith’s site Sacred Currents, Learn more about her and Feng Shui.

Interview No. 2
Tools of Feng Shui
Tuesday, May 15, 2007 1:00 PM

MP3 File

with Rosalie Prinzivalli and Judith Wendell.

Interview No. 3
More about Feng Shui
Friday, April 27, 2007 1:00 PM

MP3 File

with Rosalie Prinzivalli and Judith Wendell PRN broadcast of Energy Stew with Peter Roth

Interview No. 4
Living a Feng Shui life radio interview
Friday, December 11, 2009 11:40 AM

MP3 File

Learn about Feng Shui “inside and out” in this Peter Roth “Energy Stew” interview with Rosalie Prinzivalli and Judith Wendell. This is the Chinese art/science of designing spaces to allow energy to move freely. The interview also focuses on living in the free movement of energy and the opportunities it provides. These two teachers/practitioners discuss life in a Feng Shui energy world.

Visit Peter Roth’s page for Judith on Energy Stew »