Feng Shui for Stress Relief with Dr. Manny on Fox News

Dr. Manny: Feng Shui for Stress Relief

Ask Dr. Manny: Fox News

From Dr. Manny – Feng Shui is the almost four thousand year old practice designed to improve lives and increase the positive energy around you.  For those of you like me who aren’t too familiar with it, it’s all about where things are placed in your home and how the colors you use to decorate with effect your stress levels.  To see this ancient practice in action we visited the Madaran Orient Hotel in New York City wtih Feng Shui Guru Judith Wendell.

One of the very basic principle of Feng Shui is the balance of yin and yang.  A living environment should always be somewhat more yang, so much more alive.  That’s a healthy environment.  But there are places where it should be more yin, especially sleeping.  A quite environment.

Another important function of Feng Shui is the command position.  That being that someone can see exactly what’s coming toward them and yet not be in line with it so that they’re empowered in their live.  That’s the metaphor.

Judith Wendell with Dr. Manny on Fox News