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The End of Summer

I hope your summer has been a good one. I have spoken with a few friends who have had to face difficult challenges this summer. It reminds me to remember life’s transient nature and be ever more grateful for all the good I experience.

To that point, I am honored to have had another opportunity to go to Hood River, OR and work with Jacqueline Alexander of ‘Know Your Fruit’, as her Puff Factory gets built. On this occasion we place large double terminated quartz crystals in the foundation of the factory to enhance the freeze dried fruit that will be produced there.
From there, I traveled to the Bay Area where I lived many years ago, to visit dear friends. Janet (who I know for 40 years!) and I drove up to the Russian River, a natural wonderland of redwood trees, great food, and wine.

Continuing the discussion the environmental challenges we face this is the 3rd in my series on the 5 Elements or Agents of Change and health.

feng shui newsletter 2016-09-02In the last 2 newsletters I discussed Water (catch up if you missed it) and Wood, so next up is Fire, which is analogous with summer on the bagua. Although summer is winding down, this information is useful all year long!

Fire & Environmental Concerns at Home:

  • A well-designed fireplace will decrease the smoke in a room and increase its heating efficiency. Vent-free portable gas fireplaces are becoming popular while many traditional fireplaces are inefficient and potentially dangerous.
  • Old or poorly constructed fireplaces allow smoke and gases to enter the house. If not well ventilated, benzopyrene and carbon dioxide are sent into the air.
  • A vast number of studies links benzopyrene and cancers.
  • Under floor heating, the use of solar power and efficient insulation are some of the many solutions to effectively balancing and converting heat and the Fire element in our environment.
  • Traditional wax candles are made from paraffin, a petrochemical product and often have lead wicks while dyes and synthetic fragrances increase soot.
  • Soy wax candles, preferably in recycled glass containers are the best for the environment. Soybeans are a renewable resource grown in the USA. Trimmed cotton wicks help to keep smoke to a minimum.
Fortunately we still have many days until we need to stoke the fireplace.
Enjoy a Healthy and Happy End of Summer (always too short)! Judith

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