Kitchen Feng Shui – for the Holidays and Beyond


From a Feng Shui perspective, the kitchen and specifically the stove, is considered to be of utmost importance for health, safety, and wealth.  As we are all prepping for the holiday season, I thought I would share some Feng Shui tips that you may be able to employee immediately, and others you can consider for the future.
1.  The position of the stove is as important as the position of your bed. Although the kitchen is best protected when it is behind the ‘midline’ of the house, an inauspicious placement of the stove is the Tai Chi – or center of the house.  This is because the Tai Chi represents our overall health and heat or ‘fire’ in the center of the house, can purport heart problems.  In addition, the stove is associated with our reputation, lawsuits, personal safety, and family relationships. If this is your situation, hang a 40-50mm round, clear crystal from the ceiling, over the stove to radiate healthy ‘chi’.
2.  The cook should be be in the ‘command position’.  If a stove issituated on an island and the cook looks out into the kitchen and is able to see all doors and passageways, this is ideal. Most stoves are placed against a wall.  In this case, the cook does not have ‘command’ of the kitchen.  This is remedied by having a mirror or reflective surface on the wall in front of the stove.
3.  Many people say they can’t imagine a mirror at their stove orassume it will break from the heat (something I’ve never heard happen).  Yet generally, once the mirror has been installed, people are delighted at the amount of space and light that comes into the area.  The mirror opens up all the action of the kitchen going on behind your back.
4.  If the stove has a built-in microwave or other appliance above the
stovetop, a glass or chrome door will hopefully serve as a surface reflective enough.  Other instances when a mirror or reflective surface is not possible (perhaps there is a large picture window or custom-made ceramic tiles installed), then a small mirror can be positioned somewhere on the window sill so that the cook can be in ‘command’.
5.  An additional bonus to mirroring the back and/or side of the stove is that the number of burners is “doubled”.  This mirror adjustment should be empowered for both protection and for doubling your wealth.
6.  Lastly, the stove should not be seen from the front door, but anydoor that leads to the outside could drain ‘chi’ from the stove. If the stove can be seen from the front door, wealth can be “stolen”, health can be damaged, or it may purport accidents.  Any door that is in alignment with the stove and/or cannot be seen by the cook should have a wind chime or a faceted crystal hung in its path from the ceiling.  If this opposes the design scheme, a small bell on the door handle will help to alert the cook.
7.  Some other important tips for good Feng Shui and the stove are:
  •  Make sure all the burners work and vary which burners  are  used.
  •  If one or two burners are covered up or rarely used, health and  finances can be compromised.
  •  Fix anything on the stove that is not working or is broken i.e.      light, knobs, clock, oven, vent, etc.
  •  Always keep the stove top (and other parts) clean, remembering  the significance they have.
  • The cook’s view should be uplifting so that agitating ‘chi’ does not  enter the food.
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