Making Space for a Home Office

November 12, 2017 in the New York Times….
THE FIX – Making Space for a Home Office
The best workspaces blend seamlessly into their surroundings – and reflect the personalities of the people who use them.
I think you’ll both enjoy the NYTimes piece today, as well as find some useful tips. One of the points I mentioned in the interview was…

“What you want to aim for (when seated in your home office) is the “command position,” which enables you to see the front door without being in direct line with it, said  

Judith Wendell, a Manhattan-based feng shui consultant


, and confers a feeling of empowerment. If the only option is to have your back to the front door, she added, place a mirror on the wall in front of you so you can see the front door in the mirror.”

                                               Enjoy! Judith


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