Judith Wendell on NBC Today Show with real estate guru Barbara Corcoran

Looking to sell your home for the best price (in any market)? Judith demonstrates how the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui can help you get the results you want.


Barbara Corcoran

Real estate guru, Barbara Corcoran highlights some of the things people are using today to sell their homes.  On the NBC Today Show you’ll see Judith Wendell and others practicing their expertise to help sellers generate interest in their properties and attract the best offers.

Today’s Real Estate, thinking out of the box. With the market down creativity among home sellers is up and some people are thinking of unconventional, even extreme methods to attract buyers.  We haven’t sellers in this type of situation since the the early ’90s.  In the wild world of real estate, desperate times call for desperate measures.  In this market sellers have to be more creative than they ever have.

Some employ the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui.  “Not too long ago I went into an apartment that had been on the market for a year and not selling.  We did a Space Clearing, we did some Feng Shui, It sold within the next week.”  Said Judith Wendell.  “The realtor was amazed!”

NBC TODAY SHOW ~ Dec 5th, 2008


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