Is Your Office Killing Your Productivity?


Is your desk getting in the way of your productivity? Do you have papers and folders everywhere?  Clutter isn’t the only thing that will rob your focus — how the furniture is arranged and what you choose to place on your desk play a big role too. It’s called Feng Shui and I was able to learn about it from one of the great experts, Judith Wendell from  She’s given us a list of ways to make your office space work for you and allow you to be more efficient.

Office Productivity

8 Point Feng Shui Office Checklist for Success

by Judith Wendell

Many of us experience life as unpredictable. Insuring that our work spaces are supportive, is the purpose of Feng Shui. There are a few key Feng Shui principles (based on thousands of years of experience mind you) that will give you the edge you need to land the deal, get the client, dodge a bullet (or lay off) or be chosen for the award. At very least following the 8 point Feng Shui office checklist for success will offer you greater vitality and health at the office.

1. It is important to have a solid wall behind you. If that’s not possible then have the highest back chair you can. The further back you sit in a room the stronger your position.

2. Have a full view of the door without being in direct line with it and never sit behind the swing of your door. This is called the “command position.”

3. Never have your back to the door unless you have a reflective surface in front of you so that you can see the door and who may be standing behind you.

4. If your door faces a window — something as simple as hanging a crystal in the window can help the ‘chi’ or life force from flying out too quickly (with your business in hand!)

5. The further back you sit in your office the stronger your position.

6. Never work on a glass top table or desk – you may lose work or it may not be strong. If your desk must be glass, get a big blotter.

7. It is most favorable if your desk has front & side panels to protect you and your work.

8. Ideally your work should flow from left to right on your desk…from “new beginnings” to “completion.” The ‘bagua’ or Feng Shui template can be applied to a desk. When doing so the you will find that your ‘wealth’ area is in the upper left hand corner and your area of ‘recognition’ is in front of you on the far edge of the desk. What there now? Hopefully not an old coffee cup!

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