Space Clearing with Feng Shui. NY Open Center.

Space Clearing with Feng Shui: Using Intention for Lasting Change

Thursdays, April 3-24, 2014 – 6-7:45 pm at the New York Open Center

SPACE CLEARING: Feng shui is the ancient and ever more popular Chinese art of designing harmonious environments to promote health, happiness and prosperity. One very important practice in feng shui is the energetic “cleansing” or “clearing” of a site before engaging in an important activity or occupying a new space.

Space Clearing at New York Open CenterIn this class feng shui expert Judith Wendell will first explain the role of ritual in all cultures and the importance of intention then teach us how to: perform specific rituals, blessings and chants to cleanse, consecrate and empower environments; create the underlying conditions that will permit further feng shui adjustments to work most effectively; use the Buddhist “Heart Calming Mantra” to start rituals; build and use altars and flower offerings; seal doors, stoves and drains; use ceremonies to release old energies and relationships and protect yourself; and much more. No prior experience in feng shui is required.

New York City in Manhattan
New York Open Center
Course #14WAF01T
Members: $140 / Nonmembers: $150
Early Bird rate $130/$140 by March 20