Summer’s Day into Night

Slowing Down

The summer season is 12-13 weeks long. However by August 21st (2/3’s through the season), we tend to think it is just about over. True we are all rather habituated to the school year. Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer and time to get into gear. Well, I am holding on to a slow ‘re-entry’ this year.

Slowing down starts in the mind, as it is our mental activity that drives the physical. I’ve just returned from a week long mediation retreat and have seen how the practice of mindful behavior, meditation and reflection can make one more effective, with less wasted activity and stress.
So feel free to join me during the next weeks (especially if you have to ‘go back to school’ or whatever) to quiet the mind through meditation or dispassionate observation. You may notice how your days are extended, even as the season wanes.
As an extra incentive to create a supportive environment for yourself and others, between August 21st and September 15th, I am offering you and a organization of your choice, 10% off my fee for a consultation at your home, office or business. That is both a discount to you and a contribution to a cause you respect.

Solar Eclipse

For the first time in 99 years as most of us know by now, a total solar eclipse willcross the USA from coast to coast on August 21st. In addition, this is the first total solar eclipse visible in the United States but in no other country since the founding of our nation in 1776. Knowing this, gives me reason to pause and consider what the significance of the eclipse may be at this time in our country’s history. Will the dance of complimentary opposites, yin and yang; night and day; passive and active forces, strike a balance or move us to one side or the other? null

The solar eclipse will bring a breathtaking phenomena to the landscapes from Oregon to South Carolina along the “path of totality.” But most  everywhere in the country, (weather permitting) you can see at least a partial eclipse of the sun by the moon. So if you are planning on looking, it can not be emphasized enough to only do so with approved eclipse safety glasses (ISO 12312-2) or you’ll risk permanent eye damage.
Wishing you a blessed ‘almost’ end of summer. 
May the light of knowledge, truth and
consciousnesses guide your path.  Judith
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