Nine Star Ki Feng Shui

Judith Wendell Instructs

Learn how the Nine Star Ki of feng shui can bring energy, understanding and light to your everyday.  Judith brings her teachings to you so that you can get the most out of what ancients teachings have to offer you.
ki feng shui square


Schedule a fifteen minute reading Judith will use your birth date to determine your incompatibilities as they relate to the bagua or feng shui template.

Nine Star Ki looks closely at patterns of yin and yang energy in our environment over time and determines how these energy movements affect each of us. This is a system of astrology, often used alongside Feng shui.

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Thursday, February 11th, 2016
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The Magic of the Five Transformations

five elements and five transformations of feng shuiThe Magic of the Five Transformations

How to Use the Five Elements as Potent Feng Shui Adjustments

Sept 15, 2011 6:30p Wine + Nibbles served Lecture starts 7:00pm

RSVP for: The Magic of the Five Transformations
to: Louis Monaco
$15.00 Space limited to 35

New York City in Manhattan
Clodagh Design
670 Broadway Suite #300 (between Great Jones + Bond)

Five Element theory is basic to the understanding of Feng Shui. The qualities of the Five Elements and their interactions inform many Feng Shui adjustments.

What are the Five Elements and how to they relate to the Bagua or Feng Shui Map.
The Generating or Producing Cycle of the Elements.
The Overcoming or Diminishing cycle of the Elements.
The individual qualities for each element and how they relate to us both personally (inner chi) and to the environment (outer chi.)
Examples in Design.

The Five Elements in Feng Shui are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  They also describe the colors, shapes, and textures which characteristics that represents specific aspects of life.

What Does Wind and Water Have to Do with It

Wind and Water

spatter water

October 14, 2006 Workshop 1pm ~ 4pm
Inspire Body, Mind, Spirit – Dobbs Ferry, NY
‘What Does Wind and Water Have to Do with It’

Learn How to Use and Apply the Feng Shui Map (BAGUA) to Analyze you Home or Office & make improvements in your finances, relationships, kid’s behavior & health.

Dancing with the Bagua. June 27th, 2006

Dancing with the Bagua

Learn How to Use and Apply the Feng Shui map (Bagua) to Analyze your Home or Office & make improvements in your finances, relationships, kids behavior & health.

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

In this hands on workshop you’ll learn:

  • About the Feng Shui Map + How its meaning effect your life
  • How to applying the Bagua to your floor plan
  • See how a ‘missing area’ of your home or office may be the cause of relationship or financial problems
  • How to be in command of any situation
  • Easy ‘fixes’ that will change situations for the better
  • Bring your floor plans so you can go home and immediately apply what you learned!



  • Recognition: Reputation
    • Li
      • Fire / South / Red / Summer
  • Relationships: Partnerships
    • Kun
      • Earth / Southwest / Pink
  • Creativity: Joy and Completion
    • Tui
      • Metal / West / White / Autumn
  • Benefactors: Trend
    • Chyan
      • Metal / Northwest / Gray
  • Health
    • Tai Chi

      • Earth / Center / Yellow Orange
  • Career: Path in Life
    • Kan
      • Water / North / Back-Blue / Winter
  • Knowledge: Self Cultivation
    • Ken
      • Earth / Northeast / Teal
  • New Beginnings: Family
    • Chen
      • Wood / East / Spring / Green
  • Wealth: Extreme Blessing
    • Hsun
      • Wood / Southeast / Purple

Sarah Bernard of ELLE with Judith on Spring Cleansing


Sarah Bernard of ELLE Magazine writes

“Business owners seeking a financial boost are among her most devoted clients. …Wendell also gets lots of calls from love-seeking singles asking her to remove romantic blockages from their bedrooms.”

Judith Wendell in Elle Magazine

“Business owners seeking a financial boost are among her most devoted clients. …Wendell also gets lots of calls from love-seeking singles asking her to remove romantic blockages from their bedrooms.”

We’ve all hear about the beneficial effects of detoxing our bodies, but could it work for our living spaces too?  After an onslaught of repairs, Sarah Bernhard lets a Feng Shui Consultant take a crack at her home.


Sarah Bernhard Lets a Feng Shui Consultant Take a Crack at Her Home

ELLE, 3/06: Spring Cleansing
Wendell got right to work.  She’d superimposed the Bagua, the feng shui “map,” over our floor plan and divided the space into nine sectors with the crisp pencil lines of an architect.  Our bathroom is smack in the center or the health sector, which she deemed “draining.”  We had a “missing” area in the creativity sector, where our apartment narrows, in need of bolstering.  The beams in our ceilings, which we found charming, apparently lead to headaches, especially if they run directly above your bed.  “It’s like water running over a rock,” she said disapprovingly.  “At first nothing happens, but after 10 years it makes a ridge.  She eyed the bedrooms’ two doors and gasped: “A big door facing a little door,” she said, shaking her head.  One east the other.”

Wendell spent a weekend ordering surgical strikes such as salt cures, hanging crystals, and positioning a jade plane in front of her back door, which stands across from the front door.  (In feng shui, facing doors mean energy enters the space and then rushes out.)  Borghese, who felt the changes “made the atmosphere lighter and brighter,” said she didn’t know if the clearing had actually worked or if the entire enterprise was just an exercise to give them a sense of control over the house.  “I don’t and can’t know,” she said, “but it made me happy.”  And what, in the end, is really the difference?

Amalfi – Feng Shui for Body & Soul A Way of Seeing & Being on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. 2006

sanctuaryAmalfi, Italy – Feng Shui for Body & Soul

New Dates to be Announced

To register and for more information about this trip to Italy, please contact Judith Wendell.


This week will be a refuge from the ordinary; a time to recognize the sacred in ourselves and in our surroundings. Amalfi Life combines its expertise on the authentic life of the Amalfi Coast in Italy with the talents of Judith Wendell, well known practitioner of Feng Shui and the healing arts, to offer a new way of experiencing this legendary region of Italy.

bagua smallThe Chinese discipline of Feng Shui is about designing environments for healthy living and prosperity. Its tools are the Five Elements. On the Amalfi Coast of Italy nature’s elements are in their fullest glory. Judith will teach us how the synergy of these elements creates balance in our inner and outer worlds.

There will be guided walks on ancient trails, excursions to places of traditional culture and beauty, cruises, and sumptuous meals featuring the wholesome foods of the area.

Program Director

Judith Wendell has 25 years of experience in the realms of design, meditation, Yoga and Chi Gong. She is the owner of Sacred Currents, a noted consulting company in New York and her work has been written about in The New York Times, Elle, Glamour, and numerous others.


Feng Shui & Practices
– The Bagua – Template of Life
– The Five Elements – Agents of Change
– Meditation & Visualization
– Design & Furniture Placement
– Your Home floor plan
Amalfi Coast
– Special guided tour of Pompeii
– Visit to Isle of Capri
– Private cruise along the coast with historic points of interest
– Cooking lesson and private wine tasting
– Shop for local ceramics and coral jewelry
– Relax, hike, explore

Amalfi coast 1Itinerary


Upon your arrival at the Naples Airport, we provide a personal greeting and transportation to the village of Ravello. You will be staying at a beautiful hotel, which is set on a promontory offering a perfect view of coast and sea.

At the hotel you will have an opportunity to unpack and rest. The program begins in the late afternoon with cocktails and then dinner.

Saturday thru Thursday

Each morning Judith will give a talk on Feng Shui as it relates to the Amalfi Coast and to your personal life. She will also guide us in movement and meditation practices. These will lead to a progressively deeper understanding of Feng Shui principles, as well as a sense of personal revitalization and relaxation.

Amalfi coast 5We invite everyone to bring a floor plan so the methodology can be applied to the specifics of your home environment.

Each day you will enjoy activities and excursions with the local experts of Amalfi Life who will immerse you in the rich culture of their native region. We include all meals in the program. They are designed to bring you the wealth of seasonal wholesome foods available at this time of the year.

You will have dinner in the private home of a local family, a wine tasting of the d.o.c. wines of the Campania region and visits to the unforgettable nearby villages of Positano, Ravello and others.


After a rich buffet breakfast you will reluctantly depart for the Naples Airport. Arrangements for travel in Europe before or after “Feng Shui for Body & Soul” can easily be accommodated.

Costs & Inclusions

$2,895 per person including all meals, airport transportation, all taxes and gratuities. Single supplement $400. (Cost may fluctuate based on current exchange rates.)

Amalfi coast 2


6 nights at the 4 Star Luna Hotel Convento (or similar) * all meals during the program * all transportation within the program * roundtrip transportation from/to Naples Airport or Train Station * entrance fees * private cruise along the coast *one pampering treatment * one excursion to Paestum (Greek Temples south of Salerno) plus a stop at a very interesting organic farm that has 400 of the buffalo that produce the milk for the Mozzarella di Bufala * walks in famous gardens and pathways * wine tasting of regional wines * expert local guide services * hotel taxes * gratuities

Lunch and dinner includes wine, mineral water, soft drinks, coffee and tea. Premium wines, beer, bar drinks, and liquors are not included

Amalfi coast 3


Airfare and Travel Insurance are excluded. Please consult with us on both. We can often arrange discounted airfare and we have an excellent provider for Travel Insurance. Please note, the purchase of Travel Insurance is strongly recommended.

Also excluded are items of a personal nature such as laundry, food and beverages in hotel rooms, and telephone calls.

There is limited time for Judith to do personal consultations during the trip. If she agrees to meet with you it is outside the scope of what is included in this trip and you will be billed additionally by her directly. We encourage you to instead make an appointment to meet with her in New York.

Amalfi coast 4Transportation other than from Naples is excluded (however we can arrange for a transfer anywhere in Italy) We provide 2 van transfers in each direction (arrival and departure), timed to coincide with the typical flights during the day. If your flight times necessitate an extra vehicle there will be an additional charge.

Other than at the Cocktail hours specified in the program, beer, bar drinks, liquors and specially requested wines are not included.

Group Size

Maximum of 16

Facial Acupuncture. Acupuncture Today

Acupuncture Today, Facial AcupunctureAcupuncture Today, 9/03:

Facial Acupuncture “Our focus in Bagua Beauty is not so much to treat wrinkles but to provide greater harmony between ourselves and our inner and outer environments…”

The face is a highly emotive part of the body, and provides evidence of our habits, stresses and unprocessed life situations.  Our focus in bagua beauty is not so much to treat wrinkle, but to provide greater consciousness of how we live our lives.  In striving for feng shui’s goal of achieving greater harmony between ourselves and our inner and outer environments, we can create the possibility for enhance beauty to manifest in our faces as a reflection of our shen.  It also stands to reason that, by balancing and harmonizing the face, which is the mirror of our personal experience and a reflection of our shen, we open a channel for positive qi to flow into every aspect of life.

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Presentations – Presentation Shui

Presentations - Presentation ShuiFeng shui in action

One company that aids businesses in applying feng shui to corporate spaces is Sacred Currents, a New York City design firm.  Founder Judith Wendell says the basic principles behind feng shui are not complex.  It’s just a matter of arranging a room to promote harmony, she explains, a process that requires the use of a compass and a Chinese template tool called the bagua.  “With the bagua, any room can be set up to better accommodate feng shui,” Wendell say.

About 40 percent of Sacred Current’s business is corporate and, of that, a handful of clients have asked the firm to help set up corporate presentation spaces.  While others area’s southeast corner, was adorned with plants, flowers, wood and other elements believed to facilitate energy flow associated with wealth.  Pictures of clients and customer-service workers were placed in the southwest part of the room, the relations area.

Recently, Wendell helped the staff at an international financial company prepare a conference room for a corporate meeting and presentation. Using a compass, the bagua and knowledge gained in a three-year training program, she rearranged the setting to better incorporate feng shui principles.

In an area of the room related to reputation and recognition, she hung a large corporate logo. The wealth area of the room, which according to the bagua was in the meeting area’s southeast corner, was adorned with plants, flowers, wood and other elements believed to facilitate energy flow associated with wealth. Pictures of clients and customer-service workers were placed in the southwest part of the room, the relationship area.

According to Wendell, the event was well-received. “The presentation flowed for the speaker, and afterward he commented that he felt the room supported him,” she says.

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