Sacred Currents Newsletter March 29, 2015: Find Out What is Missing This Spring


Finding What’s Missing This Spring

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As we anticipate this time of new beginnings, warm weather and light, many of us still feel that some aspect of our lives is incomplete this Spring, or another way of putting it is that ‘something is missing’. The ultimate truth is that we are all complete and infinite beings. Yet day to day we forget this truth and often feel that we’re lacking in some way. May be it is a life partner, a particular opportunity, our finances or health are not where they should be. Many factors contribute to every condition but where we live (and work) is certainly one of them. As you may already know, when applying the bagua or feng shui template to an environment (be that a building or an individual room),there is often what’s referred to as a ‘missing’ area.
On a floor plan this looks like an indentation in the whole shape or perhaps one side is shorter than the other. In an apartment the closet or bedroom of one unit usually creates a ‘missing area’ in another unit. One school of thought says, that if you’re under the roof of a building that is ‘complete’ (a whole shape) that your unit doesn’t have anything missing. But as we are subject to what is closest to us, if our own environment is ‘incomplete’, it is probably having an influence on our life.
This is due to the fact that when ‘chi’ or energy is not able to nourish an an area of the bagua, sooner or later this may reflect in the corresponding area of your life. With architecture getting more innovative the floor plans of newer buildings may be puzzled together, creating even more ‘missing’ areas. The good news is that all of the situations mentioned here have the potential of creating ‘projections’ or extended areas in your environment, which offer a boon to your feng shui. In addition feng shui adjustments can be designed to amend ‘missing’ sectors.

Feng Shui Your Office For Prosperity, teleclass. November 19, 2008


Feng Shui and Prosperity

Join Judith to explore ways to bring the Feng Shui office advantage for prosperity into any work space. Andrea Conway, the call’s host, says, “I became a believer in the power of Feng Shui after my teleclass guest, Judith Wendell, consulted with me on my home office in Denver this summer. My monthly income immediately shot up more than 20%.”

8 Point Feng Shui Home Office Checklist for Success:

  1. Never have your back to the door unless you have a reflective surface in front of you so that you can see the door.
  2. Have a full view of the door without being in direct line with it and never sit behind the swing of your door.
  3. If your door faces a window something as simple as a crystal in the window can help the ‘chi’ or life force from flying out too quickly (with your business in hand!)
  4. The further back you sit in a room the stronger your position.
  5. Never work on a glass top table or desk – you may lose work or it may not be strong.
  6. It is most favorable if your desk has front & side panels to protect you and your work.
  7. Ideally your work should flow from left to right on your desk…from ‘new beginnings’ to ‘completion’.
  8. It is important to have a solid wall behind you. If that’s not possible then have the highest back chair you can.


Remember that when working with Feng Shui in your office, consider your office door to be in one of the bottom positions of the bagua diagram, depending on whether the door is at the middle, left side, or right side of the room. (It does not matter what geographical direction your offices faces.)

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