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The Lecture Series with Guest Speaker Judith Wendell,
Master Feng Shui Consultant

Sunday January 10, 2016
2:00pm – 4:00pm

Tedds ART Works 2422 North Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors Florida, 33305 0- 703-269-8244

Enjoy this discussion with guest Q&A.
FREE EVENT and limited to 20 guests.
Guests must register in advance by emailing tedd@tedddavisevents.com
Complimentary Adult Beverages & Snacks

Discover how Color, Shape + Images are used for  Potent Feng Shui Adjustments to Improve Your Life.
Five Element Theory is basic to the understanding of Feng Shui. The qualities of the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth + Metal) and their interactions with one another can enhance your finances, relationships, health and more.

Using the art in the gallery for illustration, Judith will discuss the individual qualities for each element and how they relate to us both personally (inner chi) and to the environment (outer chi.)

Feng Shui Design and Art is for you.

judith-wendell-feng-shui-lecturerSince 1996, Judith Wendell, Master Feng Shui consultant and Integrative Interior Designer, has been explaining to her clients how their environments affect their life situations and then helping to improve them. She is the founder of SACRED CURRENTS; a company dedicated to creating vital and thriving environments.

ON EXHIBIT & A MUST SEEREBEL ART Rebellious Art by 3 Extradinory Artists
featuring the work of Fabrizio Cruz, Gianna DiBartolomeo & Susan David
Get Inspired in the New Year as you view these masterpieces of Textural Art, 3-D Mixed Media and Sculpture
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Additional Works On Exhibit and for sale In the Gallery Lounge by
Michael Jude Russo, Jim Cooper, Jim Hill and Tedd Davis


exhibit runs thru 2/1/16
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Tedds ART Works 2422 North Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors Florida, 33305 0- 703-269-8244

Superstitions and traditions that surround home buying and selling

Bless this HomeJudith Wendell on Superstitions and Traditions / Real Estate Weekly

In a real estate market like New York City’s, buyers and sellers need all the luck, positive energy, and blessings they can get.

Enter Judith Wendell – a Feng Shui expert and owner of Sacred Currents, a company that specializes in feng shui, space clearings, and creating vital and thriving environments.

Wendell started out with mostly small business owners and apartment dwellers, but she soon became popular among developers and commercial buildings.

Real Estate Weekly October 30, 2015
Read the Full Article:

In 2012, when the Baccarat Hotel & Residences was just beginning to be built on West 53rd Street, the developers, Starwood Capital, had her bless the site, which had formerly been a beloved public library and then became a subject of controversy, developers wanted to bring good chi and energy to the space.

“In many cultures, there is always a ritual for honoring the land that is being disrupted, or what has gone on there in the past,” Wendell told Broker’s Weekly. “It’s recognizing that we’re not just bulldozing – there’s a connection to the Earth.”

Recently, a developer in Long Island City sought Wendell’s services for a site his company was working on, fearing that there might have been an old cemetery in the area, possibly an original Dutch burial ground. Wendell performed a “clearing” ceremony on the site, which involves “dousing,” a way of seeking out energy.

“When there is an energy, I focus on that particular area, be it a home or a site, and try to drill down a bit what the disturbance is about, and even if I don’t know that, I’ll do more clearing there,” she said.

In addition to Starwood, Wendell has worked with the Howard Hughes Corporation on sites in Hawaii and in the South Seaport.

Feng Shui is the 5,000-year-old practice of balancing energy flow in a particular space – and for apartments and homes, that means placing objects in an arrangement that best promotes good energy flow through the space.

Sacred Currents Newsletter March 29, 2015: Find Out What is Missing This Spring


Finding What’s Missing This Spring

View PDF: http://sacredcurrents.com/pdf/2015-03-29-Finding-Whats-Missing-this-Spring.pdf

As we anticipate this time of new beginnings, warm weather and light, many of us still feel that some aspect of our lives is incomplete this Spring, or another way of putting it is that ‘something is missing’. The ultimate truth is that we are all complete and infinite beings. Yet day to day we forget this truth and often feel that we’re lacking in some way. May be it is a life partner, a particular opportunity, our finances or health are not where they should be. Many factors contribute to every condition but where we live (and work) is certainly one of them. As you may already know, when applying the bagua or feng shui template to an environment (be that a building or an individual room),there is often what’s referred to as a ‘missing’ area.
On a floor plan this looks like an indentation in the whole shape or perhaps one side is shorter than the other. In an apartment the closet or bedroom of one unit usually creates a ‘missing area’ in another unit. One school of thought says, that if you’re under the roof of a building that is ‘complete’ (a whole shape) that your unit doesn’t have anything missing. But as we are subject to what is closest to us, if our own environment is ‘incomplete’, it is probably having an influence on our life.
This is due to the fact that when ‘chi’ or energy is not able to nourish an an area of the bagua, sooner or later this may reflect in the corresponding area of your life. With architecture getting more innovative the floor plans of newer buildings may be puzzled together, creating even more ‘missing’ areas. The good news is that all of the situations mentioned here have the potential of creating ‘projections’ or extended areas in your environment, which offer a boon to your feng shui. In addition feng shui adjustments can be designed to amend ‘missing’ sectors.

New York Times. To Bricks and Mortar Add Harmony and Luck

New York Times 2015-10-14

Harmony & Luck


“At the Baccarat, Ms. Wendell was hired to work with the architects and designers to ensure that chi, or cosmic energy, flows freely and brings good fortune to the residents, developers and investors alike. To ensure that the structure is being built in the most harmonious way possible from the ground up, she chose an auspicious date in late July to perform a ground-blessing ceremony.”


Blessings and so-called smudging or space clearing rituals, which include meditation, chanting and the burning of herbs to purify the space and help promote good psychic and spiritual energy, are a major focus of her work. But she also draws on the design courses she has taken and looks for ways to introduce the five elements of feng shui — water, wood, fire, earth and metal — into a room or building, to create a harmonious environment in subtle but effective ways.


“The real art of this,” Ms. Wendell said, “is how to meet with the best designers of the world and have their concepts also translate the principles of feng shui so the atmosphere is not just absolutely exquisite, but really emulates the idea of prosperity and success and health.”

View Full Article on the New York Times »

New York Times. October 14, 2012. To Bricks and Mortar Add Harmony and Luck

Is your apartment suffering from predecessor chi?

Article from: Full Access NYC

By Denise Oliveira July 18, 2014

PREDECESSOR CHI: These tips come from Sacred Currents founder Judith Wendell. Wendell is a Feng Shui consultant who has also studied neurosensory development. She has been hired by individuals – including Law & Order SVU’s Mariska Hargitay – and businesses – such as the Baccarat Hotels and Residences in midtown – to ensure that chi is flowing to their advantage in their offices and homes.


Moved out - predecessor chi

Because salt is a substance that absorbs negative energy, a good cleansing practice is to put salt in small bowls in various corners of your space and leave them there for 21 days, Wendell advises. “This helps absorb some of the residual energy, or predecessor chi, from previous tenants,” she says. “It helps get rid of the energy you’d rather not live with.” Be sure to discard the salt after 21 days.

Another cleansing ritual is to burn sage in your new space. “I use some resins from a cathedral in England, but sage will do,” Wendell said. [Editor’s note: make sure you know what you’re doing before you start burning things in your apartment. There are plenty of resources online to guide you.

To lift the chi – or energy – in your new space, cut up small pieces of orange peel and sprinkle them all around the periphery, Wendell instructs. An alternative with similar results is to purchase natural orange essence and spray it throughout the space.

A good way to cleanse and refresh your new space is to engage in a flower ritual. Wendell recommends getting three bouquets and placing one in each ‘critical area’ of your apartment, which includes the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Move the vases around every day for three days, so that at the end, each bouquet has spent a day in each room. “It’s a way to bring life force and color into your space,” Wendell said. “This will refresh your environment.”

Even if you skip all of the above, Wendell encourages everyone to do this, at the very least, when you move in: Open all the windows, and let as much fresh air in as possible.

Read full article on Full Access NYC

Feng Shui is More Than Moving Furniture, New York Open Center


Positive Energy comes in many ways

Have you ever wondered which corner of your home corresponds with financial prosperity or how you kick off a project? And once you’ve found that corner, are you curious about what you place in that integral location to foster positive energy in those areas of your life?  And other than moving furniture or adding objects in your home, have you ever wondered how else you can balance your personal energy? Applied properly, Feng Shui can improve the quality of your life.  It does this by balancing your personal and environmental energy.  This allows you to experience more success at work, improved relationships, focus and clarity as well as better health

The principle of Feng Shui is that the world and our lives are guided by energy. Feng Shui can free up this energy and allow things in our lives to flow more smoothly. Rosalie Prinzivalli, MBA, BTB MFS, BTB Feng Shui™ Masters instructor and Program Director, and Judith Wendell, BS, BTB MFS, founder of Sacred Currents Feng Shui Integrative Design, will be at the Open Center’s Open House on September 6, 2015 at 9:00pm to talk about Feng Shui and personal chi, and offer a free preview of their one-day intensive on October 12, 2015 where you will learn about Feng Shui’s extraordinary analytical tools, potent Feng Shui adjustments, simple, powerful space-clearing methods and more. Be among the first to experience Rosalie & Judith’s approach to Feng Shui living. Register for the October 12 intensive on-site and receive an additional early-bird discount.


The Magic of the Five Transformations

five elements and five transformations of feng shuiThe Magic of the Five Transformations

How to Use the Five Elements as Potent Feng Shui Adjustments

Sept 15, 2011 6:30p Wine + Nibbles served Lecture starts 7:00pm

RSVP for: The Magic of the Five Transformations
to: Louis Monaco lmonaco@clodagh.com
$15.00 Space limited to 35

New York City in Manhattan
Clodagh Design
670 Broadway Suite #300 (between Great Jones + Bond)

Five Element theory is basic to the understanding of Feng Shui. The qualities of the Five Elements and their interactions inform many Feng Shui adjustments.

What are the Five Elements and how to they relate to the Bagua or Feng Shui Map.
The Generating or Producing Cycle of the Elements.
The Overcoming or Diminishing cycle of the Elements.
The individual qualities for each element and how they relate to us both personally (inner chi) and to the environment (outer chi.)
Examples in Design.

The Five Elements in Feng Shui are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  They also describe the colors, shapes, and textures which characteristics that represents specific aspects of life.

Balancing the Inner and Outer. New York Open Center. June 14, 2010

New York Open Center


New York City in Manhattan
New York Open Center
with Judith Wendell

June 14, 2010 6 – 7:45 pm

Balancing Feng Shui involves far more than the judicious placement of physical objects. It is above all concerned with the optimal circulation and balancing of chi, the life energy that flows through us and permeates the universe. When Feng Shui focuses on adjusting our dwellings and workplaces it does so to create environments that foster the positive flow of chi to boost our health and vitality, harmonize our emotions and center our minds. In this class we will explore some of the core principles of Feng Shui, based on many of the same principles as traditional Chinese medicine, and look at how to use these principles to balance our energy both internally (in the organs in our body) and externally, in our homes and work spaces. Other topics covered will include: how to position objects and furnishings to maximize chi flow; the use of color and design to relieve stress; what Feng Shui can do to help us lessen our financial worries and stress; simple exercises that can greatly enhance our personal chi; and more.

A Weekly Course
(3 sessions) Mondays, June 14-28, 6-7:45pm
Members: $60 / Nonmembers: $90

Monday, June 14, 6-7:45pm

Judith teaches many feng shui courses at the New York Open Center.  Her instructions help explain how the environments where they live and work affect their life situations.  Judith helps them to understand energy and improve their spaces.  You can view her practitioner page at: https://www.opencenter.org/about/our-partners/practitioner-directory-2/985/judith-wendell/

Ideas for Busy Executives in today’s Competitive Marketplace

IN New York: Ideas for Busy Executives

Feng Shui for Executives

Business isn’t growing fast enough?  It’s possible your corporate space needs feng shui. Executives can benefit from the ancient Chinese art of rearranging the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal in a room in order to promote health, happiness and prosperity.  This works by allowing chi (energy or life force) to flow freely. “In a conference room, you want to be in a commanding position with the best view of the door, seated in a high-backed chair, at a round or oval table so that it will foster harmony among colleagues,” says feng shui consultant Judith Wendell, founder of design firm Sacred Currents.  Even an employee’s office may need an overhaul.  “Clutter can block energy and hinder productivity,” she warns.  “On a deck, new work should be on the middle left side, completed tasks on the middle right.”

IN New York, 2/07: Ideas for Busy Executives in today’s Competitive Marketplace

View PDF for Ideas for Busy Executives in Today’s Competitive Marketplace: IN New York, February, 2007 »

Feng Shui and Vegan Fare Battle a Neighborhood Curse

Dining In

New York Times. Feng Shui and Vegan Fare Battle a Neighborhood Curse.

A neighborhood curse cured.  Candle 79 hired Ms. Wendell to go where no contractor had gone before and fix what seemed to be ailing the two-story town house.

If you noticed them at all, you would think they were part of the restaurant’s new design: two small octagons outside, each with a mirror at its center.  The point?  To protect the restaurant from the building across the street, whose sharp edges, according ot Judith Wendell, a feng shui consultant, “create a knife-like effect on the restaurant’s energy, cutting into it – so we’re reflecting it back.”

“We use feng shui in the Third Avenue location,” Mr. Potenza said, “and after being in business there for nine years and going strong, we think it’s an element that has added to its overall success.”

“They will then literally anoint the space,” she aid, “sealing the doors, putting it down drains and toilets and touching the center part of each burner on the stove.”

I still another ceremony,shw will use rice to “feed the negative spirits so they are sated and o longer need to occupy the space,” Ms. Wendell said.  “One of the things that prevented me from coming in a first was the yin, or what I call predecessor chi.” (Chi is the Chinese word for energy).

View Full Story PDF: http://sacredcurrents.com/pdf/newyorktimes2003-08-06.pdf