Is your apartment suffering from predecessor chi?

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By Denise Oliveira July 18, 2014

PREDECESSOR CHI: These tips come from Sacred Currents founder Judith Wendell. Wendell is a Feng Shui consultant who has also studied neurosensory development. She has been hired by individuals – including Law & Order SVU’s Mariska Hargitay – and businesses – such as the Baccarat Hotels and Residences in midtown – to ensure that chi is flowing to their advantage in their offices and homes.


Moved out - predecessor chi

Because salt is a substance that absorbs negative energy, a good cleansing practice is to put salt in small bowls in various corners of your space and leave them there for 21 days, Wendell advises. “This helps absorb some of the residual energy, or predecessor chi, from previous tenants,” she says. “It helps get rid of the energy you’d rather not live with.” Be sure to discard the salt after 21 days.

Another cleansing ritual is to burn sage in your new space. “I use some resins from a cathedral in England, but sage will do,” Wendell said. [Editor’s note: make sure you know what you’re doing before you start burning things in your apartment. There are plenty of resources online to guide you.

To lift the chi – or energy – in your new space, cut up small pieces of orange peel and sprinkle them all around the periphery, Wendell instructs. An alternative with similar results is to purchase natural orange essence and spray it throughout the space.

A good way to cleanse and refresh your new space is to engage in a flower ritual. Wendell recommends getting three bouquets and placing one in each ‘critical area’ of your apartment, which includes the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Move the vases around every day for three days, so that at the end, each bouquet has spent a day in each room. “It’s a way to bring life force and color into your space,” Wendell said. “This will refresh your environment.”

Even if you skip all of the above, Wendell encourages everyone to do this, at the very least, when you move in: Open all the windows, and let as much fresh air in as possible.

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FREE Introductory Lecture at the New York Open Center

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September 12, 2011
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New York Open Center logoThe energetic cleansing of an environment to uplift and enliven its life force is an ancient ritual practiced in every culture. Clearing stagnant energy from our home or workplace can help to improve all aspects of our lives. In this class we will learn techniques, rituals, blessings and chants from a variety of traditions to cleanse, consecrate and empower our environments so that they can better support us in fulfilling our intentions. The material covered will include: clearing a space with smoke, dowsing and sound; the importance of intention; and the use of altars and flower offerings.

Cleansing the Vibrations with Feng Shui

May The Force Be With You

While feng shui design is commonly used in residential settings, those that have used it for work spaces say there are benefits for businesses and developments. Professional vibrations require cleansing.

New York Post: Cleansing the Vibrations with Feng Shui

“When people like Donald Trump mention that they are doing frng shui it tickles the fancy,” said Richard Bregman who heads the private MJB Asset Management.

“She helped me rearrange the furniture in a way that just produced a palpable feeling of different energy flow,” said Bregman.

“We opened five years ago and are still in business and it’s better than ever.  When people are eating we want it to be the healthiest environment and feng shui was a way to make it healthier”

Said Wendell: “Often I hear that after a clearing there is a palpable lighter or brighter feeling in the office.  And feng shui can also be done at any point.  Often small changes pack a big punch.”

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Long Time No Chi. Gotham Magazine.

Long Time No Chi. Gotham Magazine: September, 2007

Cleansing with Chi

CHI: “With herbs, alcohol, flowers and feathers, feng shui expert Judith Wendell gets a 23-year-old house in order.”

WHEN FENG SHUI consultant Judith Wendell walked into her married client’s peach-colored master bedroom, she sensed bad vibes and became concerned. Wendell explained to her that while “peach blossom luck,”i.e., enhanced success with the opposite sex brought about by painting a bedroom peach, does exist in feng shui, a peach hue can also affect a marriage in negative, harmful ways. Through her tears, Wendell’s client then confided that, though her husband had broken off a recent affair, at one time he’d actually brought the girl into their own bedroom.

Through her tears, Wendell’s client then confided that, though her husband had broken off a recent affair, at one time he’d actually brought the girl into their own -colored bedroom.

It was all in a day’s work for the owner of the feng shui company Sacred Currents, who’s part interior decorator, part psychologist, and part ancient Chinese spiritual advisor. Feng shui is best known for its focus on furniture placement, which gives residents “command” of their rooms. But when it came time for my own home of 23 years to undergo an overhaul, I learned
that there was much more to the approach than heavy lifting.

At the end of the session, Wendell left me with notes describing the best positions for desks and beds, and a list of items to red sheet to go between the box spring and mattress of our bed, a mirror for “command” of our driveway, and a crystal lighting fixture to direct chi into each room from our awkward entryway. Overwhelming? Yes. But ultimately a satisfying
experience for me and my home.

“It does get to be a blur after the bells and the smoke,” says Wendell. “You get cleansed in the process. It’s a lot to take in-and there’s more to cleanse out.”

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