Peak Experiences, Wining and Dining Hit New Heights

Peak Experiences - IN New York: August, 2007Peak Experiences in Tall Buildings

Being high-up, though, is a double-edged sword when seeking the peak environments. “From a feng shui perspective, it is traditional to be sited in a high place – a commanding position – to see what is coming to you,” says Judith Wendell, founder of Sacred Currents, a new-York based company dedicated to creating vital, thriving and well-balanced home and work environments. “But,” she adds, “not too high: You must still feel protected, not exposed.”

The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden on top of the relatively low-lying two-story Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 Fifth Ave., 535-7710) is one such ideal spot, according to Wendell. It is favored with great energy, she maintains, and successfully blends the clean air of Central Park, which is overlooks, with the world-class culture of the museum’s collections. The 35th-floor sky lobby of the Mandarin Oriental new York (80 Columbus Circle) reaches greater height – is 280 feet above the street – yet it “grounds visitors with the earthly attributes of plush chairs and low tables in its sunken lounge,” notes Wendell.

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Ideas for Busy Executives in today’s Competitive Marketplace

IN New York: Ideas for Busy Executives

Feng Shui for Executives

Business isn’t growing fast enough?  It’s possible your corporate space needs feng shui. Executives can benefit from the ancient Chinese art of rearranging the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal in a room in order to promote health, happiness and prosperity.  This works by allowing chi (energy or life force) to flow freely. “In a conference room, you want to be in a commanding position with the best view of the door, seated in a high-backed chair, at a round or oval table so that it will foster harmony among colleagues,” says feng shui consultant Judith Wendell, founder of design firm Sacred Currents.  Even an employee’s office may need an overhaul.  “Clutter can block energy and hinder productivity,” she warns.  “On a deck, new work should be on the middle left side, completed tasks on the middle right.”

IN New York, 2/07: Ideas for Busy Executives in today’s Competitive Marketplace

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Dining with Feng Shui. Dish du Jour.

IN New York: DiningDish du Jour

Absent from the dining menu at Candle 79 are all animal product – meat, poultry, fish , eggs, dairy, even honey – yet this vegan fare is surprisingly sophisticated, which makes it catnip for health – conscious celebrities.

Devotees of the restaurant’s organic, eco-friendly plant-and-grain based cuisine (“we only use hearts of palm that come from a sustainable forest,” notes owner Joy Pierson) include Brooke Shields, Matt Dillon, Tobey Maquire, Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, and Peter Max. Longtime fan Paul McCartney is particularly fond of the seitan” piccata with white wine and caper sauce, a dish that even diehard carnivores have mistake for tender veal cutlets.  Using ingredients grown sans pesticides and chemicals, Shelf Angel Raoms constructs food-for-you lasagna out of raw zucchini noodles, cashew ricotta, and wild mushroom.

And thanks to feng shui consultant Judith Wendell. The bi-level dining room’s chi is also quite healthy.

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