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Love is Where You Find It

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Judith Wendell /Sacred Currents.

Love and Feng Shui in the Year of the Monkey. Each zodiac animal has its own qualities that are consistent year to year.  However, every sign will be influenced by the Monkey’s energy this year. Below are some insights for each zodiac animal in 2016. Please note that fortunes can be reduced or enhanced with Feng Shui, rituals, meditations and transcendental adjustments.  All people have their own karma to consider. A personal, in depth reading will reveal more specifics for each month. Remember that even the luckiest signs (the Rat and Dragon this year), have their cautions.  The unluckiest (the Tiger and Pig) have their bright spots.

The 5 Elements (which you can read about at are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. This year’s Monkey is in the Fire element, which opposes the Monkey’s natural element – Metal. Thus, it may be a trying year and one with potential volatility, especially for the financial markets as the Metal Monkey is associated with gold or money. On the other hand if you tend the Fire carefully, it can shed light on the opportunities you are looking for.

As the Monkey is known for being clever, intelligent and resourceful, it should be a year of new innovation and invention. The Monkey is a problem solver but he can also create them. This is a time of risk taking and there is the potential of sudden changes of all kinds (don’t try to keep a Monkey down). It is important to keep your sense of humor in the year of the unpredictable Monkey.

Sacred Currents Newsletter February 13, 2015: All You Need Is Love

all-you-need-is-loveAll You Need Is Love
was sung by the Beatles on the first live global television link in 1967.
It was written in response to a request that they come up with a song who’s message could be understood by everyone.
When asked whether songs like ‘Give Peace a Chance’ and ‘Power to the People’ were propaganda songs, John Lennon answered, “Sure. So was ‘All You Need Is Love.’ I’m a revolutionary artist. My art is dedicated to change.”


Let’s Change the World With LOVE
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How to Feng Shui Your Love Life

Are you considering oysters for two or rose petals on the bed for Valentine’s Day? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the principles of feng shui, these tactic won’t improve your chances of getting, um, lucky.

Two NYC wellness experts are joining forces to explain why. Feng shui authority Judith Wendell and acupuncturist Jill Blakeway, the cofounder of the Yinova Center, are teaming up to host a free, special event:

How to Create Romance and Have Hotter Sex

on Monday, February 7, 2011

Blakeway, the author of Making Babies, is writing a second book about sex drive, an idea inspired by her patients. “Time and time again I hear that people are dissatisfied with their sex life,” she says. “They think they need more passion and, in an attempt to kindle a spark, they turn to porn or romantic gimmicks, often with disappointing results.”

So, what’s the key to sexual fulfillment? In Chinese Medicine, it comes from a deep physical, emotional and spiritual connection, says Blakeway. Not from chocolate body paint. And the ancient Taoist texts contain plenty of tips about deepening the bond with your partner, which Blakeway will be sharing at the event.Wendell, who’s the founder of Sacred Currents and a leader of integrative interior design, is concerned about the layout of your bedroom as a means to fostering what goes on in it. She’s not talking about crystals and fountains. Rather, Wendell wants you to be aware of the bagua(the feng shui blueprint) of your home and bedroom, and consider how this can affect your relationships and sex life.

bagua-2“Many New Yorkers have no idea what the elements of fire and water have to do with opening your heart, how an open communication corner can make you a more sensual partner, or where in your bedroom the kissing sector is located,” Wendell says. “Feng shui’s not a magic bullet, but it has created lovers, marriages, and babies in New York!”

Even the most unlucky in love might find their chances improving. It’s the Year of the Rabbit, and rabbits are one of the most sexual signs in the Chinese zodiac, says Wendell. “This should be a much better year for us all!” —Melisse Gelula

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