Creating Sacred Ritual. Mandarin Oriental Hotel. December 5-11, 2008


Creating Sacred Ritual – Taking the Spa Experience Home

December 5-11, 2008
Mandarin Oriental, Chiang Mai

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Nine Star Ki Numerology

SACRED RITUAL: Judith Wendell will be doing Nine Star Ki Numerology readings along with other Feng Shui assessments as part of the Mandarin Oriental’s Spa services. Come de-stress while helping those in distress on February 12th at the Grand Hyatt. Enjoy special spa services – 10 min massages for $10, mini-manicures & makeovers, express acupuncture services, sample sale steals on professional beauty products (up to 75% off retail), as well as yoga & fitness sessions. Live music, entertainment, fabulous raffles. The event is open to the general public.

Join Judith Wendell, Feng Shui Master, for  inspirational group session.  Topics to include applying Feng Shui to analyze your home or office, learn to accessorize with Feng Shui and the Five Elements with chimes and crystals.  Improve your health through mediation, discover what your stars mean to you, and create sacred space through Mantras, Mudras and Ceremony  in addition to thees wonderful discussions,enjoy daily wellness activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation.

Retreat Package includes:

  • 6 night accomodation in a Colonial Suite (single occupancy)
  • Roundtrip airport transfer
  • 1 Welcome Reception
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Daily Wellness Activites. Options of: Yoga, Mediation / Pranayama Breathing, Tai Chi, Spiritual Exercies
  • 4 Group Discussions
  • 1 Health / Lifestyle Consultation & 3 Spa Treatments

Spa Business: Judith Wendell

spa business 2008 4

Judith Wendell on spa feng shui

I have a spiritual approach to life, but I don’t like to think of myself as New Age.  When I lived in San Francisco, there was a very liberal culture, with influences from China and Japan, and I went to a en monastery on Sunday to meditate and listen to talks.  In NYC, I joined the School of Practical Philosophy, which has the distinct Hindu orientation.  I also went to Bali with a Buddhist priest, visiting temples and learning more about myself and the faith.  If I lost everything tomorrow, I hope these spiritual practices would guide met in a new direction.

Feng shui was first practiced by Chinese shamans 5,000 years ago in the belief that a harmonious flow of energy or ‘chi’ through an environment promotes health, happiness and prosperity.  I’m a skeptical person, but when you experience results, skepticism falls away.  My clients have gotten married when they wanted or gained more business.  I can’t take credit for it all, but perhaps I helped to set thins up.

I’v consulted on the Mandaran Oriental i New York, which has a beautiful pre- and post-treatment area overlooking the Hudson River.  however, it’s at the end of a hallway so the energy moves too quickly through it,thus is not relaxing.  Once suggestion I’ve made is to hang a large crystal to circulate the energy and relate a more intimate atmosphere.  I’ve also made some back-office adjustments,which have made a big difference to employees, and I’m working on enhancing aspects of its retail area.

The Dhara Dhevi Mandarin Oriental in Chiang Mai is a magnificent property: you are spa-ing the moment you enter.  I love all massages, but for me it’s about the energy the therapist pus in to it.  It’s obvious if they’re really dedicated to it.

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Peak Experiences, Wining and Dining Hit New Heights

Peak Experiences - IN New York: August, 2007Peak Experiences in Tall Buildings

Being high-up, though, is a double-edged sword when seeking the peak environments. “From a feng shui perspective, it is traditional to be sited in a high place – a commanding position – to see what is coming to you,” says Judith Wendell, founder of Sacred Currents, a new-York based company dedicated to creating vital, thriving and well-balanced home and work environments. “But,” she adds, “not too high: You must still feel protected, not exposed.”

The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden on top of the relatively low-lying two-story Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 Fifth Ave., 535-7710) is one such ideal spot, according to Wendell. It is favored with great energy, she maintains, and successfully blends the clean air of Central Park, which is overlooks, with the world-class culture of the museum’s collections. The 35th-floor sky lobby of the Mandarin Oriental new York (80 Columbus Circle) reaches greater height – is 280 feet above the street – yet it “grounds visitors with the earthly attributes of plush chairs and low tables in its sunken lounge,” notes Wendell.

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