Sacred Currents Newsletter September 9, 2015: What are You REFLECTING?

What Are You Reflecting?At the beginning of the summer, I listed 9 reasons to use a mirror. If you missed that newsletter, check it out here. Even though mirrors are consider the ‘aspirin’ of Feng Shui, I thought I would bookend the season by offering 9 reasons NOT to use a mirror. In other words, a good thing is only good when it is.

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Mirror ‘No-Nos’:

  1. If you are a poor sleeper, don’t have a mirror in your bedroom as it activates your chi.
  2. Always make sure a mirror is reflecting something you want in your home (not the construction site, cemetery, or nasty neighbor across the street).
  3. Never use an antiqued, distressed, broken or smoky mirror, as it obscures your chi, and diminishes your vitality.
  4. When placing a mirror, make sure it is not cutting off the tallest or shortest person in the household at either the head or neck. It is never good to loose your head for any reason.
  5. If you want a calm, meditative place to slow down, do not have a mirror as it activities the environment and your chi.
  6. Make sure you don’t reflect ‘sha’ chi  or what is referred to as knife edge chi. This may be coming from anything angled or sharp (from the inside or out), such as the corner of a building or the reflection of oncoming traffic. This reflection could be potentially harmful by creating accident chi or diminishing your well-being in some way.
  7. Do not have a mirror across from a bathroom as this will bring the chi of the bathroom further out into the room.
  8. Do not use mirrored tiles. This includes little sunbursts with mirrors, or heavily beveled mirrors, as they too weaken you by ‘cutting up’ your chi into little pieces.
  9. Make sure a mirror is not reflecting clutter, garbage or a messy desk, as it will multiple these things in your life!

May you reflect what is clear and true, as we transition through September into Fall. Judith

fyi, transitional times like back to school/work, change of season, holidays (blessings for a Healthy and Happy New Year for those that celebrate Rosh Hashanah), new beginnings and closures, are all propitious times for updating your environment with a Feng Shui consultation and/or a Clearing/Blessing Ritual. Please give me a call at one of the #s below and I will offer you the best options to enhance this time for you