A Matter of Feng Shui. Empire State Building


Feng Shui and the Empire State Building

Vornado Realty Trust’s pro­posed 15 Penn tower could cre­ate neg­a­tive “chi” — en­ergy — in the neigh­bor­hood and kill a ma­jor deal at the Empire State Building.

It will also cer­tainly af­fect world­wide visi­ta­tion to the Em­pire’s 86th-floor ob­ser­va­tory, which would look di­rectly into the face of Vor­nado’s “Gi­ant Fin­ger.”

While not a di­rect com­peti­tor for the kind of high ­stakes, high-rent ten­ants that a mod­ern, technology-driven tower might en­joy, the Em­pire’s bat­tle for sky­line supremacy may be driven by just one go­rilla-sized ten­ant.

Em­pire State Build­ing owner Malkin Prop­er­ties has been se­cretly ne­go­ti­at­ing a nearly 500,000-square-foot likely con­sol­i­da­tion lease with Hong Kong-based global man­u­fac­tur­ing sourc­ing and sup­ply com­pany Li & Fung, which is its ten­ant here and at two other prop­er­ties.

But Li & Fung CEO Wil­liam Fung, a feng shui be­liever, will likely be put off by Vor­nado’s Gi­ant Fin­ger, which would rise just a block away and in the di­rect western face of the Em­pire.

“It is di­min­ish­ing the ‘chi’ away from the Em­pire State Build­ing,” said Ju­dith Wen­dell of Sa­cred Cur­rents, a lo­cal feng shui prac­ti­tioner who said the Em­pire’s vis­i­bil­ity is crit­i­cal to its strength.

“Sym­bols are im­por­tant,” Wen­dell said. “The build­ing is get­ting swal­lowed up and its po­tency is di­min­ished.”


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Cleansing the Vibrations with Feng Shui

May The Force Be With You

While feng shui design is commonly used in residential settings, those that have used it for work spaces say there are benefits for businesses and developments. Professional vibrations require cleansing.

New York Post: Cleansing the Vibrations with Feng Shui

“When people like Donald Trump mention that they are doing frng shui it tickles the fancy,” said Richard Bregman who heads the private MJB Asset Management.

“She helped me rearrange the furniture in a way that just produced a palpable feeling of different energy flow,” said Bregman.

“We opened five years ago and are still in business and it’s better than ever.  When people are eating we want it to be the healthiest environment and feng shui was a way to make it healthier”

Said Wendell: “Often I hear that after a clearing there is a palpable lighter or brighter feeling in the office.  And feng shui can also be done at any point.  Often small changes pack a big punch.”

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New York Post: Commercial Real Estate – Bad Vibrations. April 26, 2006

Bad Vibrations at the World Trade Center

BAD VIBRATIONS: Feng shui practitioner Judith Wendell administers a purification ceremony at the World Trade Center site using prayers, sage, flowers, rice, incense.

New York Post: Commercial Real Estate - Bad Vibrations

WTC site has always had bad energy and needs urgent Feng Shui cleansing say experts.

Does the World Trade Center site need a ghost whisperer?  A Feng Shui practitioner thinks too many troubled spirits are still roaming ground zero and its should be cleansed to speed the resolution of the political disagreements and to ensure ongoing safe construction.

She also believes the twin towers were doomed to failure because of their original placement.

Judith Wendell of Sacred Currents says she and other practitioners of the 3,000 year old art of Feng Shui, which balances energies, believe the site has plenty of bad vibes.

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