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In a real estate market like New York City’s, buyers and sellers need all the luck, positive energy, and blessings they can get.

Enter Judith Wendell – a Feng Shui expert and owner of Sacred Currents, a company that specializes in feng shui, space clearings, and creating vital and thriving environments.

Wendell started out with mostly small business owners and apartment dwellers, but she soon became popular among developers and commercial buildings.

Real Estate Weekly October 30, 2015
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In 2012, when the Baccarat Hotel & Residences was just beginning to be built on West 53rd Street, the developers, Starwood Capital, had her bless the site, which had formerly been a beloved public library and then became a subject of controversy, developers wanted to bring good chi and energy to the space.

“In many cultures, there is always a ritual for honoring the land that is being disrupted, or what has gone on there in the past,” Wendell told Broker’s Weekly. “It’s recognizing that we’re not just bulldozing – there’s a connection to the Earth.”

Recently, a developer in Long Island City sought Wendell’s services for a site his company was working on, fearing that there might have been an old cemetery in the area, possibly an original Dutch burial ground. Wendell performed a “clearing” ceremony on the site, which involves “dousing,” a way of seeking out energy.

“When there is an energy, I focus on that particular area, be it a home or a site, and try to drill down a bit what the disturbance is about, and even if I don’t know that, I’ll do more clearing there,” she said.

In addition to Starwood, Wendell has worked with the Howard Hughes Corporation on sites in Hawaii and in the South Seaport.

Feng Shui is the 5,000-year-old practice of balancing energy flow in a particular space – and for apartments and homes, that means placing objects in an arrangement that best promotes good energy flow through the space.

Incorporating Feng Shui Principles into Building Design

real-estate-weeklyReal Estate Weekly, 5/16/07:
Incorporating Feng Shui Principles into Building Design

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Building Design:

“Feng shui’s popularity in the West is understandable when seen in the context of the growing acceptance and desire for alternative health care.”

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of science that has to do with uniting people and places.  Living in harmony with nature has always been the practical necessity of people everywhere.  All species in their own innate way, know that the environment determines their survival.  You might say that feng shui is the original environmental impact statement.

Science has proven that all thing (seen and unseen, animate and inanimate) are interconnected and made up of the same substance.  Thus, in stands to reason that the environments in which we live and work influence the quality of our lives.

In feng shui the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal are considered to be agents of change.  Emphasizing one or two elements while balancing an environment with the others is an important aspect in the practice of feng shui.

These principles can be applied to any style or period.  One of the biggest misconception about feng shui it that it is limited to an Asian style.  Incorporating feng shui principles into the design of a building, adds to the project’s success as well as making a positive difference to the people who move into those environments.

Public awareness of feng shui is continually growing, and in turn, people are appreciating and looking for the benefits it has to offer.