Feng Shui and Nature’s Scent at the Red Flower Botique, October 15, 2015

red-flower-new-yorkJudith Wendell of Sacred Currents
at the globally inspired

Red Flower Boutique

Learn how Feng Shui and nature’s scent can bring
energy, support and fruition to you everyday
in order to get the most out of life.

New York City in Manhattan
October 15, 2015 at 6:30 – 8:30pm


Red Flower13 Prince Street; New York, NY 10012

Enjoy Conversation over drinks horderves and special discounts!

Gem Dandies. Fitness Magazine October 2002

Gem and scent combine to bring you feng shui in a unique way.

Fitness Magazine, October 2002. Gem Dandies.


Move over sachets: Sacred Currents has developed Drawer Gems!  Crystals scented with aromatherapy potions that transfer to your clothing to all-day effects.  Amethyst crystals are imbued with lavender to relax you.  Citrine crystals are scented with orange and lemongrass to promote emotional balance.  You can stash them with your underwear and socks, but they’re pretty enough to display on your desk.

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Serenity Now. Fitness Magazine, September, 2001

Serenity Now. Fitness Magazine

Serenity Now. Scent as aromatherapy

Serenity you take with you with you so that you can relax amid stress.

PORTABLE SERENITY: Relaxing on the run just got easier thanks to Sacred Currents’ aromatic inhalers, called whiffers. The small pen-like devices contain essentials oils such a eucalyptus, rose geranium, peppermint, orange / grapefruit and lavender in order to alleviate anxiety and stress. To use, hold under your nose and breathe in for a few seconds so that you can feel its benefits.

Fitness Magazine: September, 2001 »

Women’s Ware

travelerScent Filled Sachets

“Must-haves for maiden voyagers – 5 Elements Sachet by Sacred Currents.”

Heaven Scent.  Get your luggage up to sniff with these soothing lavender-filled silk sachets.

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Aromalite from Sacred Currents

Aromalite. Health for WomenWake Up and Smell the Spearmint!

The Aromalite from Sacred Currents acts as both as night-light and aromatic diffuser. It comes in three motifs inspired by feng shui (the Chinese practice of strategically placing objects to achieve spiritual harmony): a wheat design with orange essential oil for emotional balancing, a Chinese long-left symbol with peppermint oil for invigoration,and a good-luck goldfish with lavender oil for relaxation.

If rolling out of bed is miserable chore, try the Aromalarm by Essential Time, which wakes its users with a gentle diffusion of essential oils. You can use any type of oil you wish (invigorating oils include spearmint, lime, rosemary and basil). If you fear a fresh scent alone isn’t enough to get you of bed, rest assured, the gadget also comes with a sound alarm!

Health for Women: September 7, 1999 »

New York Magazine. Lavender-filled longevity silk sachets

longevityFeng shui with lavender

Lavender-filled “longevity” silk sachets with cinnabar medallions are $35 at Felissimo.

New York Magazine, 6/99 New York Magazine, 6/99: Best Bets

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