Residential Clients


Mariska Hargitay“I worked with Judith on both my apartment and dressing room on the set of SVU. The space clearing and feng shui adjustments she did greatly changed how I feel in my environments and had very positive effects on my life and career.”
Mariska Hargitay, Actor


“Judith has altered the direction of my personal life. I asked her to help bring unity to my family. One week later we were celebrating my birthday and the family became unified and stronger than ever. When my Mother became ill and suddenly died, we hired Judith to do a closing ceremony in the house we grew up in. Judith shared hours with us, leading us through rituals that opened our hearts and brought peace to a very sad time. She helped us access our deepest emotions and have closure in our childhood home.”
Rhea Farbman, Music Teacher


New York Times“Sacred Currents designed my offices which look fabulous and more importantly, have supported our success. The Internationalist has continued to grow and I call on Sacred Currents for yearly updates for our feng shui.”
Deborah Malone, Publisher of the ‘Internationalist’


“Today they delivered the headboard and it is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! They also installed the living room shades and they are perfect. The walls the couch and the shades are indeed harmonious – just as you envisioned.”
Sarita Allen – Former principle dancer with Alvin Ailey, Pilates Instructor


“Just wanted to say thank you again for your advice, great ideas, decorating flair and wisdom. I was so impressed when you had such accurate insight into my personality – both my positives and areas that needed improvement. Your gentle but direct approach gave me much to think about and ultimately the ability to make changes. You are on my annual checklist – along with medical consultations, I now schedule regular Feng Shui consultations.”
Diane Lerner – Executive


“My experience with Judith was wonderful, as she understands children and how sensitive they are to energy. Especially when the flow of it is stuck. She helped me with every aspect and stages of the process of designing my sonsÕ room.”
Isabel Simon, Mother


“I’m constantly thinking of you and sending you warm wishes as I pass through my home and am really appreciating all your help and suggestions. All the Best to You.”
Jackie Hoffner


Amy-Stiller“I already feel a shift in the energy from boxing up books and throwing away a bunch of things. It is so amazing how that works. You are a blessing. I just think you are so special Judith. Your energy is so wonderful.”
Amy Stiller, Actor


“Thank you so much for everything. A general sense of well being has already emerged since our time together, so I am excited about our new beginning.”
Jame Haskett, M.D.


“Judith Wendell of Sacred Currents is a true find. She recently helped me integrate best possible feng shui benefits into my new apartment, while paying full attention to design and color – and my own preferences. (quite some feat!) Judith encouraged me to push my comfort level in terms of the colors I chose, and I totally love what we decided on. She has the best taste and absolutely knows her feng-shui stuff! I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Jane L. Cross, Advertising Executive


“Judith is an extremely talented Feng Shui Master, with whom I’ve worked to clear and enhance the energetic flow of a professional workspace as well as my own home. Both efforts were highly successful and the energetic difference was clear and palpable. Moreover, working with Judith is a pleasure, as she combines expertise, knowledge, and grounded professionalism with intelligence, warmth, humor, genuine caring, spirit and an open heart. I will be using her services again next month to clear and energize new office space my colleague and I will be moving into after outgrowing — in part, due to Judith’s efforts — the previous space she had prepared. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Judith and Sacred Current’s services! Judith is a gem!”
Beth White, Reiki Master


Alysia Reiner Baby room“Working with Judith for my baby’s room made me feel so good, knowing I was doing everything I could to make her space as awesome as possible. She had such an easy transition from sleeping in our room to hers, and is such a champion sleeper now!”
Alysia Reiner, Mother, Actor, Film Maker


“My apartment just ‘felt’ different after your visit. There was definitely a palpable surge of energy, the flow became very harmonious.”
Monika Luczak, Lawyer