Year of the Fire ROOSTER 2017

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster


For those of us less familiar with the Chinese Zodiac, it is made up of 12 animal signs and 5 elements, comprising a 60 year cycle. This is the year of the FIRE ROOSTER.
Ancient lore says, Buddha invited all of the animals in the world to join him for the New Year celebration, but only 12 animals bothered to turn up. As a great reward, Buddha named a year after each one of them and they run in the order that the animals arrived to celebrate with Buddha, starting with the Rat and ending with the last guest, the Pig.

The Fire Element

This year’s ROOSTER is in the Fire element, which opposes the Rooster’s natural element – Metal. Thus, it may be a trying year and one with potential volatility, especially for the financial markets as the Metal Rooster is associated with gold or money. The markets may take off like wild fire at the start of the year but this is a fast burning fire which will burn out by August. On the other hand if you tend the fire carefully, it can shed light on the opportunities you are looking for.
Industries that will do well include energy, entertainment and finance. Others are transportation, communication, construction and high tech. The Rooster is known for being direct, forceful, and talkative, they can be enchanting or unbearable. They are deep thinkers, astute, organized and meticulous, in addition to being hard working and multi-talented. Yet they can be eccentric, tyrannical and flashy.
It is always fun to name a few famous Roosters. These include Daniel-Day Lewis, Cate Blanchette, Joan Collins, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, Diane Keaton, Steve Martin, Paris Hilton, Yoko Ono, Matthew McConaughey, Gwen Stefani, Renee Zellweger, Eleanor Roosevelt, Goldie Hawn, Roger Federer and Caroline Kennedy to name a few. Not a shrinking violet in the bunch!

How will Your Sign

in the Year of Fire ROOSTER?.

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